Update on my mom

gwj7 Member Posts: 21
Hi everyone. My mom recently completed round 7 of chemo of an expected 12 and surgery after that. As i'm only the 18 year old son, i'm not fully filled in with the details, but i'm pretty sure she is receiving three chemo's- folfox, oxiliplatin, and another one that i'm not sure of the name. From rounds 3-5 she didn't receive the oxi because her blood counts were too low, and #6 and 7 she received it but at a lower dose.

From my understanding they took scans and the doctor told my parents that the chemotherapy is working, but not as fast as norma. This is all what my dad told me so i'm not sure of the doctor's actual words. Apparently they did give her something else at chemo #7 also. I don't really know the extend of my mom's cancer, but there is a 3cm tumor in her right colon and i am pretty certain that the doctors concluded it has traveled outside the colon wall. Whether or not it has liver mets, i'm not 100% sure, but based on the chemo's and surgery scheduled to take place after, I assume that's the case. My mom never directly told me that her liver was involved, but she mentioned in one of her emails that she at Memorial sloan kettering hospital that she has a doctor for the colon and a doctor for the liver. I couldn't help but read an email that she had left open on our computer :(

Does this sound like a good halfway point for chemo? I can't help but feel anxious about the chemo apparently not working fast. The doctor did tell my mom last appointment that she looks to much better than when he first saw her in July, and that obviously something is working. My mom also said she feels good in between treatments. She has lost some weight so I feel like she looks good based on that (but losing weight isn't getting rid of the cancer...)

Does anyone have any insight on this situation? Can any of you tell me about your halfway in chemo? Thanks!!