Gastriac Cancer - Stage 4 spread to lymph nodes and bone

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Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. My father was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer on October 29, 2012. He saw a doctor in August 2012 but he was told he had a bacteria and was sent home with that. When he lost 50 lbs in 2 months I knew he had cancer. Initial symptoms: he was feeling full, had like ulcer feelings, vomiting, nausea and losing so much weight. Drs confirmed gastriac mass on October 29, 2012 after endoscopy and colonoscopy was done. PLEASE BE ON TOP OF DRS APPOINTMENTS. I was actually the one that escalated all these procedural appointments. My father had an appoinment with the GI specialist till end of November 2012. I've noticed so many flaws with the system (drs and appointments). I've saved my fathers life when he got an infection after his 1st chemo session (I took him to the ER) and he was admitted another couple of days.

August 2012 - Dad went to see a doctor for his stomach issues (pain, nausea (food getting stuck), vomiting) - he was told it was a stomach bacteria
October 2012 - Met with his Primary care doctor again for follow-up
October 29, 2012 - Endoscopy and Colonoscopy was done - gastriac mass reveiled
October 30, 2012 - CT Scan done
October 31, 2012 - PT Scan
November 2, 2012 - He Started 1st Chemo Therapy
November 6, 2012 - MRI
November 16, 2012 - He got an infection. I asked Drs to give him Neulasta. They didn't give at the beginning because it was too expensive. But this drug helps build white blood cells to fight infections. A lot of people don't die of cancer but rather from an infection.
November 28, 2012 - He started 2nd Chemotherapy
December 3 - He was released from his 5 day chemotherapy. Prior to this 2nd chemo he was eating A LOT but right now he is very weak and just wants to sleep. I'm constantly giving him fluids but he vomits everything. I'm also constantly asking him about his symptoms (monitoring his temperature, pains, just looking for the side effects of the drugs)

I'll keep you guys posted. He has the strong will of living. I have read that people use 10% of our brain. I think those that survive cancer use it to the fullest to tell our fighting organs what to do. Please love your loved one, give them all the attention you can give, cater to them. This will help them want to live and fight this horrible disease.


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    my sister is dying.....she
    my sister is dying.....she was diagnosed 4 years ago with brest cancer in both breasts. when she had them both removed they advised us that her lymph nodes were compromosed but that hopes of radiation would cure it. 2 years ago we found out the cancer has spread to the lining of the stomach and in her bones on her back. it has spread even more since then, it is now in her colon and very close to her intestine. she has 2 young girls that she will be leaving behind. she is far away from home now in md anderson in houston and we are not sure if we are gonna get to bring her home. the doctors are starting to treat her symptons which is the pain, vomiting, and blood in stool. she is containing bile in her stomach that has to be drained daily. the doctors say there is nothing else they can do for her and it is so hard to see her suffer. i just wish it didn't have to happen so close to christmas.