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so tired of the hospital

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I am really getting tired of the hospital. It will be two weeks on Friday. David got up and took a shower today and that was encouraging. His is tolerating small amounts of tube feeds. I will be glad to get home, but do worry about taking care of him alone. His WBC is .6 absolute neutrophils are .56. His platelets are at 14 and his hemoglobin is 8.2. Hr had two pints of blood yesterday and the counts have lowered alot over the last 24 hours. I am anticipating more transfusions tomorrow. I am happy I have my H&N family to confide in these days. David gave me power of attorney today. That was hard for me

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I bet you are tired, you got thrust into the cancer spotlight times 10. I am glad for David’s positive moves forward, every little bit helps. When I read your posts you genuinely sound ok, I hope that is so. Nothing could have prepared you for this journey, but you seem to be meeting the challenges head on.



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Greg gave me power of attorney...that would be hard for me, too...but you know, when I got sick, I did all the legalities right away. It just seemed to be the smart thing to do. I know Greg was completely uncomfortable with the whole thing.

I'm delighted to hear that he got a shower in today. That is BIG! Just the other day he was wanting the sponge bath (the one he said he'd never take)...and today a shower on his own.

You are hanging there better than I might, that's for sure. Just a little reminder tho...do take care of yourself.


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Glad to hear he was up and taking a shower. That's a good sign. I'm hoping you guys get a break from the hospital real soon. You will do fine with him. Sounds like you are doing well considering....keep staying strong.


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I received my cancer diagnosis and knew I was going in to a 19 hour surgery followed by 4 days in a coma. I got caught up in the whirlwind of events and did not have a POA, trust or even a will. Today, I still ask myself "what was I thinking". Obviously, I wasn't! It just makes good sense to have these things in order but not something we often speak of. Also,glad to hear David was up and showering. A good shower beats a sponge bath all to heck.

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That David felt well enough to take a shower. It may not seem like a big deal but trust me it is! There were days I could barely do it and I wasn't near as sick as David. And I'll tell you, it is a pain taking a shower with that darn PEG.
I hope you two will be out of that hospital soon and I know you'll do fine at home but just in case you might want to see if you can get a home nurse to come more than just once a week to check on his PEG. Insurance may cover it your dr RX's it.

Power of attorney is just simply the right thing to do. It is my hope and prayer that it will only be a formality and you won't even come close to needing it.
That being said, my heart goes out to you for even having to be in this situation.....sorry to be so blunt but it just sucks!!!

Take care of you, eat and rest when you can.

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I am glad he felt well enought for a shower. That is a good thing. I am glad you will get to go home. I can imagine it has been a long two weeks. Just take it day by day when you get home. I have faith that David is in very good hands.

Prayers and Hugs.


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Still sending positive thoughts and prayers!

Take care,

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