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? Karma?

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OK. Here is the thing. I have expressed frequently that I think I am doing well due to Karma. However, I also admit that I don't really know what Karma is. I do believe that whatever it is it only works when it is shared. I am not religious. In any denomination.( I don't know what that means either.) Anyway, I know there are multiple "quotes" on the topic like do unto others before they do unto you. Wait. That's not right. But you get the idea. I can fill a book of the times I've helped people. Many cases where Doctors and many other therapists, nurses, and families thought it was a lost cause. Sometimes the solution was embarassingly simple. For ex. I knew a wonderful woman in her late 90's. She lived in an assisted living facility I used to see patients at. She always asked about me, my family and granddaughters. Wishing us well. Her husband was dieing but she cared about me and mine. As if she didn't have enough problems. Some time later after her husband passed away her advanced arthritis made transfers and ambulation nearly impossible due to her deteriorated knees. She was in and out of the hospital and nursing homes. Seen by many doctors prescribing pills and injections but no surgery due to her age. Many therapists put her through excruciating exercises. She became bedridden with full time aides to assist her. When I found out, I just had to visit her. After she asked about me and mine, (now that is Karma), I worked on her mobility. I tried to get her out of bed but the knee pain incapacitated her. She described the exercises she continued to attempt in hope of improving. She told me of her prognosis and lack of potential for recovery. I listened. I checked her out a little more thoroughly. Seems her joint surfaces were so worn she could no longer weight bare. What to do? She had been a "lady" and was taught how to stand, how to walk, how to cross her legs. Those joints with 95 years of wear had nothing left. I told her I had an idea. I got her up. I told her to forget being a "lady". I told her to forget about pointing her feet forward. I said point your feet more to the side. (my idea was to find a joint surface she hadn't been weight baring on for decades). She got up, turned her feet outwards to where she was comfortable. And then she walked painlessly. If you could have seen her face. That was all I did. She lived independently after that for a year or so until she passed away. So, if that is not Karma, what is? She gave, she got back, and I got some in return.

So if Karma is real, it must be shared. Tell us of your stories. Karma only works when it is shared. Fox loves you.

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Fox, as usual, you’re a hard act to follow. I can’t come close. But I too believe in Karma and experienced a taste of it in a small way today. I’ve been in banking for 40+ years. Always lived by the premise that you meet the same people going up the ladder that you meet going down the ladder and attempted to treat everyone the same way. And while I’m by no means one of the people at the top of the ladder, I have had the privilege of meeting many important and influential people during my career. My stepson, Andy, is an investment analyst for T. Rowe Price. It’s not a big job and he struggles to make ends meet, but T. Rowe Price is known as a good, solid company, and he likes what he does and is a hard worker.

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I did a good deal of meeting planning in my job. On one particular occasion, my boss had asked me to give special attention to a group of economists meeting in Baltimore, making sure everything went well. He mentioned an economist from Richmond that would be attending who he liked very much as being a part of this meeting , noting him as the primary reason he so wanted it to go well. He explained this economist had always been very supportive of him and he wanted to say thanks. The meeting went extremely well, and I became fast friends with the economist and--to this day—he is one of my forever favorite people. Bottom line, this man--who I still speak of with a Mr. in front of his name out of the utmost respect--went on to become the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. While he retired about six years ago, he sits on many Boards of Directors, one of them is T. Rowe Price.

He called me today –after learning that my stepson worked at t T. Rowe Price and asked where at T. Rowe he works. He is in Baltimore today and tomorrow attending a quarterly board meeting of T. Rowe and wants to stop by Andy’s desk tomorrow and introduce himself. And, after talking to me, he called Andy and told him he was going to do so. T. Rowe employs about 5000 people. Do I need to tell you how excited Andy is or how good I feel that I had a small role in making this happen? Life is good.

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Good job Alice! That is exactly what I'm thinking of. Neat chance of events pays off in style. Life IS good. Now anyone who reads this but doesn't smile is really missing the point. It works when it's shared.

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I started to tell you about an event that occurred this past September...but after a couple of sentences, it seemed boastful, and that's not what I wanted to feel.
Just know that there are thousands of people out here who do "the right thing" for others, with no anticipation of ever being rewarded, thanked or acknowledged. There was a movie called Paying it Forward.
Warm fuzzies to everyone.

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My husband was over the volunteer rescue squad in the town we live in for 25+ years. In that time he did for many people beyond the call of duty without asking anything in return even when he wasn't on duty or just helping people out in general.

Since February of this year when we found out he has cancer you would not believe the amount of people who have done things for us. The most recent was just a few hours ago, we were eating out and when we went to pay they told us it had been paid for. There was a man in there my husband had helped out over the years and he did this small token for us. I started crying. People are always good to him but since he has been sick I haven't even cut grass and I LOVE cutting grass. Someone comes every 10-12 days and does it, someone showed up and raked leaves and refused to take payment. I could just go on and on but yes I do believe in KARMA.....

You did a good deed and it has come back to you.

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