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Taking Tamoxifen Longer May Better Protect Against BC Recurrence

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This is exciting and hopeful news for so many of you that are on tamoxifen. It says that by taking tamoxifen longer, it may better protect against a breast cancer recurrence. I am posting the link to CBS news below:

Taking Tamoxifen Longer May Protect Against A Recurrence

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I just had a follow-up appointment with my oncologist on Monday. He was reviewing with me that he planned to use tamoxafen the first 2.5 years of hormonal therapy (started in August) and then switch to another drug. It sounded like the name started with an O. It will be interesting to see if, with these reports out, he changes his mind by that midway point.

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This is interesting! Thanks Kylez!

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I have 7mths left to make 5 yrs...I wonder it they will keep me on it longer? Time will tell..


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I don't know if your onco will keep you on tamox longer Denise, but, with this study out, it looks like many oncologists might at least recommend it.

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(yes all 3 of them involved in the cancer end of things) said I will be on "something" for more than 5 years. This last appointment I had (on Monday) the doc said "most likely for 10 years". I just started Tamoxifen (had to stop Arimidex dues to horrible SE's) and it sounds like she is already of the same opinion as that of the report.

Hopefully, that's going to do the job and we can walk away cancer free.

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Saw this on tv and not really sure what to think of it. It would be great if by staying on tamox for 10 years it would help, but, what about after 10 years? Lots of women get bc again after that 10 year mark it seems anymore.


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Double Whammy
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A good friend took Arimidex for 7 or 8 years. She called it the "Dutch protocol", based on research done in Holland. Her husband is a rad onc so they did a lot of research and her med oncologist seemed to think it was a good idea, especially since she was HER-2 positive and she did not have chemo (her decision). She was diagnosed b4 Herceptin was used as first line treatment (it was only used for recurrence or mets at the time). She's still ok today, but is insecure without Arimidex as it and radiation were her only treatments (she was stage 1, but still HER-2+). Scarey stuff, this crap shoot we're all participating in.


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Alexis F
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This is encouraging, but, I still pray for a cure for this horrid disease. Are most everyone on tamox for just the 5 years? I don't know about the Als Suzanne. That's a good question for our oncologists.


Pink Rose
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Thank you Kylez for the link. I appreciate anything new in the fight for breast cancer.

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I do not take tamox Kylez, but, I also thank you for this important information. Any break thru in the treatment of bc is always important.

Sue :)

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I've never been on Tamoxifen but have been on Femara/letrozole since 2/10. At that time I was told it would be for 5 yrs. A year ago I was told by Dr. T. (my chemo Dr) that the latest research showed that for IBC it needs to be continued 'forever' so I'd be on it forever and keep seeing him every 6 mths. So I see him Sept and March and my PA every Jun and Dec.

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That is interesting Susan that your chemo doctor said you'd be on Femara/Letrozole forever. Was his reasoning the same as this article about tamox?

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Very good news if this is true. I hope it is!


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