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Some good news to share

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I had called the nurse at my surgeons office earlier to talk about how I am still soooo congested in my lungs from the anesthesia, and my throat still hurts from the intubation and asked if I should be concerned. She said she would talk to the dr about it and call me back.

Well she called back to say just keep taking Mucinex, and as long as Im not running fever I(Im not) and not bringing up green gunk (Im not), its ok.

But THEN the good news came.. she said, listen your pathology came back and I can only tell you this because of what it said,

The report was:

Margins free of tumor, sentinel node negative of any cancer, additional 2 nodes removed also negative of cancer

What she said, was that this is very good news, does not indicate any addtional node removal surgery or mastectomy at this time.

Im still feeling pretty beat up, but that news was good to hear, instead of waiting till my follow up next week.

Does not change my need to endure chemo, but for now, Im taking it as good news..

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Great news! You will be able to sleep and take it easy...there will still be a lot of tests and follow up but at least you know you are ok.It sounds the same as my pathology, very optimistic. Get better with your colds,

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How is it going? I've been thinking of you these days. You doing OK with side effects from the chemo?

I guess I still don't know quite how to work this discussion board stuff. I meant this message about chemo for Eleanor1.

Sorry Diane but thrilled for you ane the positive things of today.


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Clean margins, no lymph nodes, that's fantastic! Sure you are beat up, but now the rest of the way is to make sure your cancer can't come back.

Reason to celebrate!

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I'm so happy that you received great news. Just keep the faith and keep strong.
Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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Yay! This is such wonderful news. Go celebrate! Big (((hugs)))

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Jean 0609
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Great news. Hope you feel better soon so that you can celebrate and do the happy dance.


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Great news. Even though you have been through alot that is great news.
Same outcome for me. Even though I have to go through chemo too I just keep saying to myself all the positive things that have happened...margins clear, lymph nodes clear, bone scan clean. We can do this Diane!!!!


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If i could just get my Damn lungs to clear i may feel a bit more positive, but this is really so frustrating And making me feel like crap

But Ya the news today was good

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Wonderful news! I hope you feel better soon!


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Even though you have more to do this is one less thing to worry about. Hope your lungs clear up soon and you feel better.


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wow love to read GOOD news...

jump for joy..


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We love to hear good news!!!!

So happy for you!

Vicki Sam

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