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another straw on the camel's back

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On Monday I had a partial barium swallow at the insistence of my new pulmonary Dt and my wife. I told them I couldn't do it because I simply can't sawallow - guess they didn't believe me. When I got there they had all of the things I've seen before, barium solutions, crackers etc. The first thing I had to try was the thickest solution of barium which went about two inches down my throat then the DR said "stop". It was all going into my lungs. Now I have this crap in my lungs and mixed in with my "rope mucus" Dr says don't drink because it goes into the lungs but what he doesn't realize is thst the only way I can get this mess out of my throat is to garggle with hot water or drink a haot drink which I had to do in order to breath normally. I was coughing up chalk all day. Went to bed last night and woke up around 3:00am freezing my butt off and I couldn't talk. Finally around 5:00 my wife got up and thurned the heat on and came in to check on me. Well I had a very high temp and blood pressure was 80 something over 47. Been there and done that another bout of pneumonia. she started fluids through my Peg and for thr first time ever I threw everything upand the good thing is I got rid of that stupid chalk that way. Went to my GP and he has me on antibiotics and a nebulizer that I ave to use four times a day. I told him I hated this process of dying just a small bit at a time (which is very true) so he immediately putme on antidepressants. I assume these will help me die in a good frame of mind.

Sorry about the pity party but I really am getting tired of this mess.

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What was it about the words "I can't swallow", that this person didn't understand? I'd be pi**ed big time. You don't even get to enjoy the fact that he had to eat his disbelief, because it comes totally at your expense!! I am so sorry, Denny..that this happened to you.

You have your pity party, you deserve it. I'm stunned that this Dr. didn't believe, like you hadn't been thru all the C crap, and somehow you came out the other side knowing NOTHING about yourself and what limitations you have....what a jerk!

Glad you retained a little humor, tho....got a chuckle out of you anti-depressent crack.


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If this was me I would refuse the swallow test and kick my dr. a$$. I can feel where you are coming from it seems like life is slowly being sucked away from you on a daily basis. I am not on antidepressants yet, but if you say something that is taken the wrong way a drug is soon to follow.

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Book a room at the nearest Hotel cause I am flying Phrannie in to kick some butt for you.

I guess they believe you now, don’t they? I am glad you got warmed up, threw up and got a medical prescription to feel better. Now, if we could just find the correct buttons to push to make you (really) feel better.



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Hey Greend, I am very sorry to hear about this turn of events, it vacums (you know what i mean, i just don't want to offend) to say the least. You need to vent, I sure would, so no apologies needed. I hope that you get thru the pneumonia quickly without complication, I know how much fun it isn't from personal experience. Hopefully, next time you object to a procedure, etc, people will listen. Hang in there, you can do this.


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I never understand why docs (and sometimes family too) don't understand we really are our own best advocates ....and to trust us. Not that we are always correct, but jeez.

Whispered a prayer this gets past quickly and thinking about you saying "getting tired of this mess" bc I feel the tone in your voice and I just want to say I hear you but I also enjoy your posts on here ...so hang tough and thank you for those posts and thank you for sharing this experience ....it made me feel not as guilty when I whispered under my breath the other day about "how nice it would be to go 24 hours without having to think or deal with this stuff" ..this stuff being all we have been through. So not that it makes you feel better, but thanks for sharing your very human side and in my mind I absolutely do not think of a pity party...I get what you mean as probably most of us do on here.



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Vent away. I feel your frustration. Sometimes the doctor has to see to believe. When David was bleeding from his PICC line they kept telling us to elevate the arm over the head. I told them that was a bad idea because it makes it worse
Long story short the doctor came in to try to get he bleeding to stop lifted his arm and it started to bleed profusely. Of course orders were given for him not to raise his arm. Lol. So frustrating. I hope the pneumonia clears soon and you have some better days.

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Glad you were able to vent on this site. It doesn't make any problems go away but it helps to be around people who understand. And, you are entitled to a pity party...I have them all the time and I am just a caregiver who loves her husband.

Hopefully, things will improve. On your side.


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Pam M
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It vacuums like a black hole.

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Well, geez. If they were going to induce aspiration pneumonia they could have at least checked you into the nicest suite in the hospital.

Greend, I have asthma and it has been a week of aspirating fluids and solids for me for some unknown reason. I'm sorry you have been going through this because there is nothing like have a solid something in your lungs and trying to cough it up.

Thinking about you and hoping you are doing better.

Antidepressants - you have a pretty good grip on things - but that will teach you to be honest with your doctor :)

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Pam M
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What part of "check the patient's history before ordering a grab-bag of tests" got past that doc?? Grr. Is there no way they could have suctioned out the chalk goo before it did the damage?

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