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Update From Soccerfreaks

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Hello All. I am a friend of Soccerfreaks and have some great news about him for anyone that knows or remembers him. He recently had some scans done. He had his results appointment with his oncologist and is cancer free!! He has a nagging cough, but it is not due to cancer. It may possibly be aspiration related or scar tissue. He is eating more, drinking more, but he says he may have to learn to slow down when he eats. He is having a barium swallowing test in the near future.

After his appointment, he and his wife went out to the restaurant to celebrate. He had a beer to celebrate..it was one he had never tasted and was more than appropriate for the situation. The name of the beer was "Victory."

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I always appreciated SFreaks' posts. Glad to hear he is doing well.

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I have wondering about Soccefreaks....I am so glad that he is well!


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So happy to hear he is ok. Any chance he will be coming back to this site?



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Very smiley news.  I had a feeling he was okay...



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Hey medi,

How are you?


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Thanks for the update on him. But was hoping since he got such good news that he'd be on here again. I've been keeping up on him since my husband died in 2010. Hope he's still doing okay.


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