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This Is For All You CareGivers Out There – For Those That Gave ALL)

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I just can’t sit still without offering something from the heart…

I was sitting here trying to do my work at work and in the background, my mind is whirring about all of the other deadlines and commitments I’ve got for this weekend with the upcoming estate sale - and in the upcoming couple of weeks or so as I try and move the estate to a “For Sale” status with the realtor I signed up with.

But, off in the distance and echoing in the far corners of my brain, I heard the cries of my friends - Cynthia, Tina, and this week, one of my old friends, Donnare.

My mind was frantically busy trying to find a way to offer some type of healing – I think as much for me as it was for them. I needed to apply some salve to all of our open wounds in the hopes that it will scab over with time.

Sometimes, words fail me…especially in light of stories like losing a loving spouse. I’ve often found that music can have a profound impact “towards” the start of healing. It allows one to get in touch with their feelings through song and let go of some of the feelings they have pent up and need to let go of.

Music acts much like the spout on a tea kettle – letting the steam boil out and sing when the water reaches a boiling point.

One of the folks who got my attention way back as a 16-year old, was a “Beautiful Man”, by the name of Dan Fogelberg. Even amidst the times of sex, drug, and rock & roll, the beauty of this man shined through – he stood out amongst such a diverse crowd.

His music was real – his music told stories – his music connected you with human emotion – and he had that rare gift to be able to articulate and express his emotions through the musical instruments that he played, which included that magnificent voice he possessed and thrilled us with all of those years.

His gift as a songwriter and his ability to turn his stories into stories that connected and reached us all on such an ethereal plane was his lasting legacy.

He told stories that we could all relate to – for you see, story mattered to him - as it does for me.

Often, when we think about the image of a man, what comes to mind is this burly, caveman like image with rough, coarse features and the inability to express his inner self for fear of being ridiculed – or thought of as less of a man.

But, that’s really so far from the truth, isn’t it?

A beautiful man cannot be found by the bushel – they cannot be found a “Dime a Dozen”…

Every now and then, One comes along with that innate ability to reach out and touch our lives – and by doing so, provides us the outlet we need to express the sentiments that are being given to us.

And so, in this time of grieving, I wanted to offer up some healing through song in the form of Dan Fogelberg. On my expressions page, I’ve uploaded “Souvenirs” as part of my contribution to begin the healing process in your hearts. I’ll have the lyrics for you to follow along there.

It’s just a start…

But, we’ve got to start somewhere and this is just my friendly bear hug wrapped around you:)

It was Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, who penned the immortal lyrics…

“Sometimes the sunshine we’ve been waiting for will turn to rain – but from the ashes, we can build another day.”

Those words remain the cornerstones of our lives - and they are so apropos – even to this day.

I just wanted to say that I love you and am so very sorry for all of your losses. Continuing to stand by you as we weather the daily storms in all of our lives.

With loving affection,


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Thank you my friend, thank you.

Warm hugs (())

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With all you've got going...I just wanted you to have a big hug from me too:)

That and $4 will get you a $tarbux latte:)

Love you!


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You understand it all. We hurt when you hurt, and would change places with you in a heartbeat. Beautiful song and beautiful sentiments.

Had a Starbux once at an airport. YUK!!! Would much prefer the hug.

Luv Ya,


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Thank U


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Very nicely said and Dan Fogelberg was one of my favorites too. My heart goes out to all caregivers.


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The caregivers of the world do deserve special recognition. I sometimes think that it's harder to be in their shoes than it is to be in ours.

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