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Bladder Cancer- My Fiance is starting chemotherapy in a few days..

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Is there anyone out there who can help me prepare for his first week of chemotherapy?

Suggestions on dealing with the stress of this all?


thank you in advance to whoever replys!

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Be there for him. You may or may not notice any change right off with the first treatment but by the 2nd you and him will depending on the chemo drugs he gets. Keep your faith, talk to your pastor also let him or her know your needs, that has help me a lot. Most of all take care of yourself and allow yourself to cry also, cry with him also. Remember there are people that do want to help so let them if it just to let you get a little time for yourself. Yours Cliff.
P. S. My wife is under going chemo for blader cancer also since april at least. Also I'm new to here also just like you.

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