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Hi ladies I was wondering if everyone who had breast cancer surgery have had a follow up mammogram within the first 6 months. I thought I have heard that most everyone has had their 1st one within 6 months of surgery. The reason I am asking is my dr told me they do not do the first one until a year after surgery. This seems kind of strange to me and I am kind of concerned about it. I don't know the protocol so I would appreciate any suggestions


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My first mammo on remaining side was a year post DX (8/'09) and I have an annual mammo since.
Different types of BC are different so need to be dealt differently. Different Drs have different ideas of what NEEDS to be done individually.

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Megan M
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I had mine within 6 months.

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My Dr believes in having mammos 1 year post diagnosis. It allows for about 3 months post radiation for some healing to happen first. I'm very glad that I had to wait till then - I was still quite tender, actually, I still am at 8 months after. I think it's totally about your own situation and dr's preference.


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I thought (CAN"T remeber for sure) I had one every 6mths and they were just stretching it out to year now (after 4 yrs post lumpectomy) but had issues to must stay with 6 mths mammos for now..


Lynn Smith
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It was every 6 months for me.In January I have my annual mammo.This is after my dx on Aug 2009.So almost 3 years I was going every 6 months now annually.I'm glad it was every 6 months because one benign tumor was found during that time and a few other times I had a few scares that turned out to be just that.A scare!!!!!

I still see my oncologist every 6 months for marker tests and checkups.

Lynn Smith

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I had surgery at about a year then it was 6 months from the last exchange surgery.

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Thanks ladies after reading your posts I feel a little less concerned. I am still fairly new to all of this so I appreciate all the support it is truly nice to have people totally understand what we are dealing with.


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Double Whammy
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I had my first post breast cancer mammo 6 months after my last radiation treatment which made the mammo date just a little over a year after my surgery. They told me there were so many changes after radiation that they wait 6 months. I now have a yearly mammogram and a yearly breast MRI, 6 months between them.


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I had mammo's every 6 months and just now am on the yearly mammo. I also have an ultrasound and a MRI yearly too.

Hugs, Angie

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I had a mammo, ultrasound and MRI every six months. Now I am every year for all of those tests. I think every onco is different and may order them every six months or maybe once a year.

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