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Pathology reports are in,bad news is there is a regrowth in my brain. Good news is it is still only one spot. The rest of me still looks good, blood work is all good. the spot that is being treated is right next to the tumor that was removed in June. The original tumor site is clear, so the docs don't feel like it is traveling, we just need to treat a bigger area. They are not concerned about the discomfort in my rib areas, just scar tissue and post reconstruction surgery side effects. I will be starting whole brain radiation with hippacampus sparing on Monday. 10 treatments.

This puts a damper on the holidays. The hospital is over 100 miles round trip and trying to keep up with 5 kids is hard enough with out trying to juggle treatments and travel and the holidays. I am so tired, trying to recover from 2nd brain surgery in 5 months and now this.

After treatment I will get an MRI every 6 weeks. And they want to do CAT scans every few months on my chest, pelvis and abdomen. Part of me likes the idea of being watched closer, but I also have to deal with scan-xiety more often too.

I keep reminding myself of the positives-I did achieve PCR to the chemo, and since chemo doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, it is possible that this little bugger just got up there before the chemo did it's job. Disease tends to travel from the body to the brain, not the brain to the body--if we can get this under control, I have a good chance of "disease free survival".

So I guess my only choice is to keep praying and keep fighting.


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you got this bad news so close to the holidays. The good thing is that your dr. is right on top of things. Starting treatment just before the holidays will be hard with 5 kids but I am sure you can do it! I will keep you in my thoughts. Just keep up the fight!


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Continued prayers ... as well as positive thoughts for you!

I wish you had someone to help you -- 100 miles to get treatment -- How you had
the opportunity to contact, or speak with the social worker at your Oncology center
to see if there are any groups, that assist with child care or traveling expenses?
ACS here has a link "rides to treatments" ..

You are so very STRONG, never forget that.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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I am so sorry. Sending hugs and prayers!

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I'm praying for you Dana and yes, you keep fighting! You've got all of us pinkies as your cheerleaders!

Sue :)

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Try to not stress over the HOlidays..just do what you can and dont' push it...

Take care of yourself...


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Praying and sending lots of support, strength and encouragement.

Big hugs, Diane

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I will definitely include you in my prayers.

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Megan M
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Thank you for letting us know your results. Praying..

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Wishing you good news next visit.


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Big hugs to you today!

Praying, Debby

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I am adding more prayers for you Dana.

Hugs, Jan

Pink Rose
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I will put you on our prayer list at church.

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I'm so sorry about your scan but what a warrior you are!! I hope you can find help for the travel for tx, that sound vicious to do by yourself. Let the holidays take care of themselves, which is hard to do, and tkae good care of yourself, sending ((((big hugs)))) jan

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Very sorry of the news on your scan. Don't worry about the holidays, like everyone said. Focus on you and just take care of yourself.

Hugs, Noel

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Thinking of you Dana. How are you?


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Kristin N
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There's never a good time to get this news and I am so sorry. Please keep posting to us so we know how you're doing.

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I'm very sorry and send you the biggest hug that I can!

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