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"And Now For The Rest Of The Story"

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Hello All,

I have been mostly silent for the last month. I have been swept up in another horrible tornado, just as I was back in 2008, when Johnnybegood uttered those words "Mom, I have colorectal cancer." At my hubby's insistence, we had not told her the news. She is feeling better, and her platelets are rising, and may be able to restart Avastin in the next few weeks. I would have done anything not to drop this one on her, but I could no longer "put on my happy face" during our long distance communications. Thanks to Winter and Craig, I have been able to retain a little of my sanity.

About six weeks ago my hubby was diagnosed with tongue cancer with mets to neck lymph nodes(right side) and left lung. Won't know if lung node is a met or other cancer until after lung biopsy. Treatment is Erbitux paired with 35 IMRT rads followed by surgery and reconstruction. This all preceded by extraction of at least 12 teeth by an oral surgeon in a hospital. Right now, we are on hold. He is now in A-fib and CHF. Can't get cardio to realize he is controlling the start of this process. Oral surgeon won't touch him in A-fib(who can blame him?) and cardio asst. says "Oh, it's okay for him to get a couple of teeth pulled while in A-fib. And, by the way, when was your last stress test?" He told her he was stressed enough, Thank You. So oral surgeon is sending cardio a letter outlining the procedure. The last time his A-fib required hospitalization, stopping his heart, and restarting it. Hopefully, cardio will realize how serious this is.

I have learned a lot from all you wonderful folks, one of the most important being to get a second opinion. Fortunately, we live near an MD Anderson and I have secured an appt. there for this Friday. Perhaps their treatment protocol won't be so harsh, who knows? I only know that the prognosis is not good, given his various medical problems.

So I come to you, my friends, just for hugs, words of comfort and wisdom, and perhaps a few prayers and good vibes to help us get through this.



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I'm sorry :(.....not fair how some families have to shoulder more than their fair share.

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Oh my, I am so very very sorry to hear this news. I can offer little but a prayer...I am simply broken hearted for you. :'(

Wrapping my arms around you ((())).
Love to you and your family,

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I'm sorry you and your husband are going through this. Sending you hugs, prayers and good vibes. Hope MD And has a plan for your husband. You know we are here for you.

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I am so very sorry for the news about your hubby. It seems that some families are destined to face this beast called cancer more than once.

While the treatments vary depending on the type of cancer, I am finding that there is also much simularity. My years here with all of you gave me a good foundation to help my sister in her fight with uterine cancer.

I hope that as you check out the specifics about your hubby's cancer, you will find the folks here to still be an excellent resource not only of information but also of love and caring and support.

My prayers for hubby and JBG that their fights are successful and for you dear Wolfen as you stand beside them and help them both.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm feeling sorry and ticked off that this has happened. Seems unfair. Pleased you're going to MD Anderson. I hope it goes well on Friday. Best of luck to you and your husband.


Brenda Bricco
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So sorry WOlfen... you have been through so much.
GOD bless you!

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We are sending our good thought and prayers to help find the solutions for your family's health and strength.

Best Always, mike

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This is just too much. My heart just sank reading this. I know what you are going through with the worry about JBG - and now this. It's just too, too much. I am so sorry. It sounds like you have a plan and are on top of things - and your strength and spirit shines through in this post, as always. You can do this. And your friends here will be with you here throughout this ordeal - you can be sure of that. Wish I could give you a great big hug - will certainly send up some prayers and think positive for your husband's situation. Hang in there. And it's okay to cuss. I sure would be.


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I'm so very sorry to hear about your hubby. My uncle went through the same thing several years ago and he's in great shape today. I'm sure that with a caregiver like you that he'll come through this ordeal with a smile on his face. Please know that you have my prayers with you.


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So sorry Wolfen. Sending hugs and prayers. Kim

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"Hugs, Mama"

Proud to serve beside you:)


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are coming your way. so sorry to hear about your hubby. let's pray that md anderson will have a positive plan.

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This is so upsetting to hear, Wolfen. Your poor family. I can relate, as I have three siblings who have had cancer. Having to tell my mom that I had crc (my sister had died just a few years before) was utterly horrible. This is just such a hard situation. I hope MD Anderson can provide your husband with some clear answers and a more hopeful path for treatment. Keeping all of you in my thoughts, and sending strength your way~Ann Alexandria

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Oh Mama Wolfen, What can I say. First the worry about JBG and now hubby. The saying goes God never gives you more then you can handle, but sometimes you wonder.......
You must be such a strong woman that it all comes back to your shoulders.
For you now it is to remember that we are standing with you here, shoulder to shoulder.
One day at a time, stress ofcourse is no good, so lets tackle one thing at a time.

Much love and hugs are being send together with many prayers for healing and strength
Love and Hugs Wolfen, Marjan

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Oh Wolfen,

Ohhhhhhh. I feel for you so much. I am so sorry this has been added to your family's stress. We are here for you my friend. I will keep you, jbg, your husband all in my prayers. Please lean on us.


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Here for you anytime girl.
Winter Marie

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Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes.

Had consult with MDA today. Doctor will be consulting with various specialits(cardio, pulmonary, etc.) to decide on treatment plan. Is also ordering new CT and labs before our next meeting. Was very impressed with staff and attitude.

One odd thing was lack of patients. I expected the place to be running over, but it is relatively new to this area and in competition with Mayo and CCoA. Hubby, of course, is not confident with success, given his medical problems, but at least feels they are trying.

So will just hang on for now. Right now the biggest problem is lack of appetite which I'm sure all of you can identify with. So I'm pushing breakfast drinks, milk, anything soft. He says everything tastes like $hit.



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about your DH. I can't imagine having to care and support the two most closest to you.

I pray for you strength and a succesful treatment plan.


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I am so sorry you are faced with another challenge. Your family has been through so much. I will praying for you all.

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Wolfen, I'm so sorry that all of you have to deal with this yet another time. I am glad that you went to MD Anderson. Know that you are in my heart and prayer. I wish my help could be hands on. Please, somehow, take care of you in the midst of all of this. Hope, Hope, Hope!

Cathleen Mary

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