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In response to the question of the last thread

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We mention spiritual things--God, prayer, faith--because how can you not when God and faith in Him mean everything to you? How can you not speak about the reason for your joy and hope, even in the midst of cancer? How can you not speak about the amazing love and grace He gave to you as you walked through the Valley of the Shadow? How can you not speak about the overwhelming peace and joyful anticipation you experienced even in the face of death? How can you not speak when you hear so many stories of hurting cancer survivors, and your heart aches with all the pain and you want to give to them the same hope you were given? God means everything to me. God and His will for me is my reason for living. If I had not known God, if I had not had the hope He gave me, cancer would have been a crushing experience. With Him, it becomes a precious journey. With Him, it was only another bend in the road that I am walking with Him. There is absolutely no way I can stay absolutely silent when it is the all encompassing focus of my life.

That said, I understand the terms of this website. That is why I keep comments about my faith in God few and brief except here. :) I just felt compelled to write in response to the last thread the reason why I speak.

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I think that for all of us....we need something, or someone to get us through all of our trials in life.  I wouldn't purposely ever infringe on others beliefs in life.  That's what makes us as individuals who we are and who we are transforming into.  Cancer is a scary word....but if we say it enough it changes to just that a word.  My beliefs are very similar to yours....and we get very hurt when someone tells us we shouldn't talk about our faith.  I don't believe thats whats meant.....it's to not hurt someone elses belief system.  We are all children of God the creator, and are on the journey that will take us many places in thought and action.  Be gentle, and remember we are all in this walk together !   Katie (H/N site)

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The more trials I go through the closer it brings me to my Lord and Savior. The world and people who do not know Jesus can’t understand what simple faith is. With out Jesus being by my side the cancer would have killed me many years ago.


God Bless

Tim Hondo

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If it's the one asking why people are compelled to post their beliefs, that was a response to a specific person about a specific issue. Now, two years later, it may not make sense to many since the context has changed and the person who was continually posting bible verses in their posts has left the building and possibly the planet...

I believe faith (as well as hope) are powerful instruments and important to our survival. The times it gets sticky seem to be when there's no room for anyone else's beliefs because some people know the way and know that everyone else is wrong. There are many faiths, beliefs, and paths to spiritual fulfillment (in my opinion). I don't believe any one group knows the "Truth"...

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I lurk here every now and then. Can I say "amen" to your post? Each of us has to find our own way. I have a very strong faith in my beliefs, but I respect that others may have differing views. Diversity is almost always good. Interestingly, I probably learned the most about my faith while attending a church that made me question what I believed. I ended up changing churches to one that does respect others. I don't have all the answers. Besides, I strongly believe that God is still speaking. I'm just trying to listen, and I know that my listening has filters of my own experiences and biases. Makes life interesting! Fay

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Say amen... 

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I stand in agreement and feel the same way. What a precious gift He gives us all, Himself, so freely to all who want it. There is power and comfort infused within the Word of God that reaches to the depths of our souls.



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