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a few more hours

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David will officially be done with round one of chemo at around 11:30 tonight. He still has a chemo shot he has to get on the 7th and 11th, but the constant tethering will be over, at least for a couple weeks. They told us he may be able to go home this weekend if we can get his stomach to accept food and fluids. We will either be in for the next round during or right after Christmas. He is sleeping right now and I just find myself watching him sleep. They say his hair will most likely start falling out in a few days. I can handle that. As long as I can love him I will. He is so sweet and full of faith. He hurts, but does not blame God. I am learning so much from him.

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Isn't it funny Vivian. I have learned alot from my husband also. I have learned what it means to have strength and courage and realized that I don't have alot of either.

But, I am so glad David and you will be getting a little break. If you get to go home it will feel so great for him to be able to sleep in his own bed. Now that's heaven.

Stay strong


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I am so glad to hear the first round is almost over. I pray that you will get a little break. Please keep us posted and I am still praying for you.


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Well I wish he could sleep in his own bed. He isn't allowed to put any weight on his left side because of the damage to his hip. We will most likely get a hospital bed and put him downstairs so he doesn't have to worry about stairs or getting into a tub. We have a shower downstairs. It isn't something we like the idea of, but we just don't want to deal with a fall.

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Still sending those thoughts and prayers. Your posts touch me more than you know.


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Continually thinking of you and David and keeping you both in my prayers.


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Another task completed successfully; I hope you both have some time away (as best you can) from this situation.



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Hopes and prayers to be homeward bound soon...

I think you'll find that he will recovery quickly once home.


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That is wonderful! Praying that he will start keeping food down!

Losing hair, bed in the living room...all minor stuff (like they say, don't sweat the small stuff)...I lost some hair, but what bugged me the most was when ALL of my eyelashes fell out. Hubby started calling me turtle eye...LOL. Still, not much to sweat about.

Continued positive thoughts and prayers going your way...


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LOL, hmmm now I have to figure which you are....



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Until he is done with this first round, phew I'm so happy. Keeping my fingers crossed for some food to make it's way into his belly. Even tho he won't be sleeping his own bed he will be home and that should help tons. I'm not even going to touch on the losing of the hair, I know that is the least of your worries and my husband is bald....isn't that normal??? Haha
I'm so glad you checked in, I was thinking about you all day. Wrapping you with a big hug my friend, take good care and know you are in my prayers.

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Going home is always a big deal. After my week in the ICU, I was so weak that I used a walker for a number of weeks. (Maybe this was out of an undue amount of caution, afraid of falling.) Nevertheless, I did regain my strength after a little while. I also found I could not type immediately after coming home. Since I did not have vocal cords and had not developed an alternative way of speaking (yet), I depended upon typing. However, much of what I typed was gibberish. That lasted about a week. So I would not be too worried about any deficits David may show. They are most likely transient. Rick.

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Still praying Vivian ...


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One of the steps complete!...for now. Hold onto that. I'm praying and hoping you get to come home this weekend with him and he will regain the appetite. The hair is definitely a minor issue...it will grown back. He's still David regardless. We've got some hair loss over here in our corner too :) ...that's ok.

Yes, we caregivers have learned so much and continue to do so through our loved ones. Life is so precious. If only we could get the rest of the world to realize it too....but that's a whole different story.. :)

Keep the faith....trust in HIM.


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Pam M
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They told me when my hair would start to fall out, and it started to happen very close to the day. Stock up on hats - the soft, ski caps helped me a lot (unless the room was pretty warm, my head got cold if I didn't have it covered, and I wore a hat to bed, too). Going outside meant two hats for me. Losing my hair wasn't nearly as upsetting as I thought it'd be (and I started out with long hair). I spent Christmas in the hospital, too - that wasn't as bad as I'd expected, either. Do well - and Merry Christmas.

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My wife was a Christian long before i was and she is actually learning from me. I too am hurting and i do not blame God for any of this. A verse i like "remain faithful, your trials will purify your spirit like fire purifies gold".
Be Blessed and enjoy every day and every moment because you never ever know when a loved one will be called home.


josh r.
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Hi Vivian and David,
Home is good and prayers follow you both there. josh r.

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