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Hi Ladies

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Hi Ladies,
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. Salls I didn't get any mail I would always answer. I don't know what happened there.
Well I am stage four now. My cancer came back in my lungs and spine
I had been going to Moffitt. I called them many times telling them I was having trouble breathing and sever pain in my back. And I kept getting put off for weeks at a time. When I did see my Dr there she said my breathing problem was not caused from cancer dont worry about it. And I must have hurt my back and should get PT. Then I finally seen a pulmonologist a few weeks later I Did not like him at all. Even though I passed out taking the oxygen test he said I didn't need it... Anyway no one was helping me anymore there. So I had to go to the hospital one night 911 actually that happened twice,
In the hospital the Dr's told my family to call Hospice I would not live 3 to 5 days is what they gave me. Then One night in walked Dr Tang from Fl cancer Specialist. He woke me up and ask to sit on my bed and talk to me. He said if I would become his patent he was sure he could save my life. I went to him and he did what he said he would do. He put me back on chemo aggressively. He literally pulled me from death. I have been in chemo now for going on 4 months weekly. I will be on some kind of chemo for the rest of my life.
The good news is I just had another pet-ct scan and as of now there is NO ACTIVE CANCER!!
Dr Tang saved my life. Even his colleagues didn't think he could do it..
I'm doing pretty good now. I hope to get off oxygen all together soon. I will have scar tissue in my lungs forever. If Moffitt had helped me when I first called them I would not have the scar tissue now. So My fight continues. It was a hard ruff but I'm up on the paved part now!! I still come here and read a few times a week. I pray for you all. I have been worrying about Kat alot. Has anyone heard from her? Bless you all your always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Kay

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I am so sorry that you are now Stage IV. I am incredibly horrified at the treatment you received by so many. I hope you could find the ambition to let their bosses know the horrible treatment they gave you and that they MISSED CANCER.

I am so glad another dr. asked you to be his patient! Thank goodness you found a gem after all those other buffoons.

I am also glad to hear that there is no active cancer. I wish you the best!!!

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I love it! Kay! Always nice to see that someone can do something for you besides throw the towel. Good for Dr. Tang and good for YOU!

If I could dance, I would get up and do a Happy Dance. I can't but my wishes for you are the same.

So very happy you posted, I was asking about you the other night. I lost all my addresses for email's too.



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Wow that is some story. Guessing this life saving doctor will receive grateful Xmas Cards from you and others he has probably made big impressions on. Who ever he is, bless him and wish there were more like him. Glad you are recovering.

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Kay, I'm so glad you decided to fight and go with that new doctor. WHat a story. I'm so disappointed in the care you received. I tend to hear the same thing when I have a medical complaint. I'm not sure if doctors think that we're making up symptoms but I don't like the aftercare anymore.
It's hard not to worry about it coming back and I'm praying for you.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Oh Kay, I am sooo happy to hear from you. This IBC mets stuff is nasty business. Does Dr. Tang specialize in IBC? What chemo did he put you on? No active cancer is phenomenal!!! You are amazing!!! I hope you keep getting stronger and stronger.

Merry Christmas and hugs,


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Yes Dr Tang does specialize in chemo. He put me on Taxotere, herceptin, carboplatin. But then I started reacting to Carboplatin so I had to go on a sister drug called cisplatin.
I am also on Zometa for my spine. I will be going on Perjeta soon. All of this till the end of Jan then I will be on maintenance a pill form of chemo ( the name escapes me right now ) And of course I will be on Herceptin for the remainder of the year ( until next June ) I'm feeling pretty good now. I don't need the oxygen much. But I do have to keep it with me just in case it drops. That depends on how far I have to go. I had a lung function test yesterday don't have the results yet ( next week for that ). I don't know if there is anything they can do about scar tissue in my lungs. I sure hope so. At least enough to get me off this oxygen. I think of you often. I was just thinking the other day how big your kids have gotten. How are you feeling? Take care Darlin Kay

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I don't think they can do anything about scar tissue. There are areas that seem to always be remarked upon on my scans, there is scarring.... Since I feel that I'm doing well, I am not concern.

Your Dr. Tang should show other on oncologist how one should treat a patient and what they should be giving them.

How often do you have lung function test?


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Posts: 1181
Joined: May 2010

How have you been? I just had my first lung function test so I don't know how often they will be yet.. I will get the results today if I get out of chemo on time LOL.. I love Dr Tang he is the best of the best. I know they can't do anything about the scar tissue but the inflammation around it can be treated I think. I am so close to getting off this oxygen. Yippee.. Hope you are feeling well. Take care Darlin Kay,

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What wonderful news! I am so happy for you. I love hearing about happy scan results :-). And it was so great to see your name here again! Big (((hugs))).

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Kay, I'm so upset with the Dr's that didn't believe in what you said. You were strong enough to fight until you were taken seriously about not being able to breathe and you received the help that you needed. I am so sorry to hear that you're in Stage IV, but have faith and be strong.


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Great to hear from you Kay and great to hear there is no active cancer!!! You have so much moxy, keep it up gal!



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Such an ordeal... our Lord, definitely had his hand on you, and your life. I believe in a higher power, my personal opinion!

I pray and hope for continued health and strength.

Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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and you are proof! The hospital you were admitted to should be applauded. They took your case to the specialists and the one specialist that is your guardian angel now KNEW there was hope. God blessed him with a heart and smarts.

I am so happy for you. I know you have cause for celebration and I am right there in spirit celebrating too.

God Bless YOU!


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So sorry about the Stage IV situation (I went to Stage IV this January with bone mets), but I'm so glad you got the help you needed. In my humble opinion, that was no accident that the new doctor happened to come in and sit on your bed. I believe there were angels all around you, protecting you and God sent that good doctor your way.

I am so happy your tests came back NED and that the drugs continue to keep you that way with no significant side effects.

Take good care and stay in touch. I have thought about you often.

Hugs, Renee

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Double Whammy
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What an awful experience you've had, but at least someone finally listened and helped. I cannot believe that your first visits were poo-pooed when you had a recent history of breast cancer. That is just plain awful. Then someone finally figures out what's going on and gives you 3-5 days? Good Grief! My hat goes off to Dr. Tran. He obviously knows his stuff and is helping you. You've gotta love the man.

Please keep us posted when you can. We worry when we don't hear from you..


Lynn Smith
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WOW you have been through alot.I am so happy this doctor was found and is now saving your life.What A MIRACLE.Amazing you've been through some who ignored you.I did recently just what you did. Found another doctor who listened and realized I was sick.It wasn't in my head.Now feeling much better and getting my vitamin levels up.

Honestly this is amazing.No cancer found and you were Stage IV. You haven't had time to post.We're grateful you are posting now and telliing us how you are. We Care!!!!

Lynn Smith

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I am so happy to hear from you. Sorry to hear that the
cancer has advanced. Every day they make breakthroughs,
just today NY times first page news. I am hoping every
day someone in a lab somewhere in the world discovers
the much needed cure.

Dr Tang sounds amazing and I am so glad he came into
your life. Please keep us posted on your progress. What
a tribute to doctors this one man is.

Hang tough Kay,
we love you

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