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November 27 update

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The small spots first seen the end of March (and too small for follow-up testing) have disappeared, which is a puzzle to the DR. There are all sorts of possibilities in regard to what they were/are, based on our discussions in March and again in early August. What remain behind are even smaller bits, which are inconsequential.

So, this means three things:

(1) I can get my port out! The offices will get back to me on when. That will be done in my surgeon's office.

(2) I go back in three months, but I will have NO tests (i.e. blood work or CT scan) ahead of this one.

(3) I will have a CT scan in six months, as although the spots in question seem to be gone, that is something the DR wants to keep an eye on.

Another milestone reached in my recovery.

Thank you for your hugs, thoughts, and prayers.

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so happy to hear...


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Fantastic news!

Congrats, Angie

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Great News!!! A wonderful milestone to reach!!! Yippeeeee!!!!



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Thanks for the update with this great news!

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Megan M
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You certainly have reached a milestone! Wonderful news!

Hugs, Megan

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