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Anyone else who can't totally relate to what's said on the cancer-specific discussion boards?

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I have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, so I regularly visit that board. It might make a difference what type of cancer you have, but most of the survivors on that board are middle aged or older because 50 or 60 is the average age for lymphoma. (I'm in my 20's.)When the others talk about how terrible chemo is and all the side effects and the terrible fatigue, getting sick, etc. I don't totally understand what they are talking about. And I'm wondering if it's because I'm young that the following has been my experience.

I was very sick before I received chemo because my cancer had not been discovered right away. But chemotherapy for me was a breeze. I had no nausea, and few other side effects, aside from losing my hair and minor fatigue. Instead of losing weight and getting sicker, I gained back my strength and energy and ate ravenously throughout the chemotherapy. I worked nearly fulltime through 3/4 of it. To me chemo isn't terrible!

I know that it does make a difference what chemotherapy you get, and I know that mine was not the strongest drug combination. But there are others who received what I did and still say it was awful.

I was just wondering if there's any other young cancer survivors that have a similar story.

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You are one of the lucky ones. :) That is a blessing, to have minimal side effects. I myself have experienced my share of them. True I haven't been bed ridden for day or anything like that. My first week after chemo is hardest for me. After the first week I'm okay for the most part. Still, I have not been able to work through treatment. I've been on disability since my surgery. If you've been able to work through treatment, that is great! True, a younger body does heal faster than an older one.

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