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New drugs for my aunt Irinotecan & cetuximab

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Irinotecan and cetuximab anyone hear of these? Any experiences. I'd like to hear anything anyone has to say on either or both of these please.

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I was on this combination for about 6 months earlier this year. I tolerated it well and was able to work full time. The cetuximab caused me to break out in a rash and pimples all over my head, neck, chest & back. That part was not pleasent but was bearable. The Doc put me on a low dose antibiotic to control the rash. In fact, I saw a skin cancer doc and he said they use a cream form of cetuximab for skin cancer so he felt if I had any precancerous skin lesions, they would be taken care of. I guess that was an added bonus because now I have nice skin :-)
Unfortunately, I am resistant to cetuximab and it did not help me. Of course my make up is different than your aunt so it may work for her.
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My husband has the same little pimples you described. They are on his head, back and chest. He is currently doing irenotecan but not cetuximab. I wonder if irenotecan could have been the culprit.


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thank you for the comments. I appreciate them immensely. I know my aunt is beginning to be in a lot of pain, but for her son's sake she keeps denying it (he has cancer of the esophugus (sp?)) so she tries to stay strong for him, which means she won't take pain medication. Her first treatment of these two medications will be 12/21--Merry Christmas. I hope she tolerates it as well as she has all of the other drugs/treatments so far. Time will tell.


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