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Info needed from fellow NPC veterans

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Hi all! Its been awhile since I have posted though I do come back and check on the board every now and then. I just hit my one year anniversary from treatment last week. I can't believe where I am right now compared to where I was last year at this time. Life is just about back to normal (my new normal that is) however its pretty close to my old normal. I am eating and drinking most things. I have even started to run a couple of miles a couple of times a week. My saliva comes and goes but its soooo much better than what it was. I found that a few months ago I was still dealing with such anxiety about the "what if's" when I had any ache or pain, so I found myself a therapist. IT HELPS!!! My last scope and chest x-ray came back clear and I have my PET scan scheduled in a couple of weeks so for now I am not going to fret about that.
What I am asking about today is....has anyone experienced any facial pain especially in the nasal area this far out? I live in Boston so I am figuring its just my bones aching from effects of radiation and the cold weather. Any thing anyone can share would be so appreciated. I am so thankful for this board.

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about facial pain, as I'm only 3 months out of treatment for NPC...You did, however, make my day talking about all the improvements you've had in the last year :). More taste, more saliva...eating and drinking most things. Running...which says your energy has pretty well come back (I'm still SO tired)...I suffer from the what if's, too...but have had only one PET scan...if I start getting "attacked" by my own thinking, tho...I'll check into getting help with that also.

Thanks for stopping in!!


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My cancer was of mandible and I am 6+ months post tx. No real facial pain to speak of in the area of nasal passages. I have a constant discomfort in my jaw and chin but that is from reconstruction using my fibula and titanium. Sounds like you are doing great 1 year out. Hoping new development is just the cold weather.

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I believe we started the treatment for NPC about the same time. Glad to hear you doing well. I do not experience any facial pain but I still feel mild numbness on my cheek. It seems like it is getting better as time go by and I am sure your facial pain will get better too. My PET is this week wish me luck! Take care...

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