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im alive :-) , and home from surgery

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Well I actually didn't do too bad. Not a fun day of course, but the anesthesia didn't kill me.

I thought I'd be there overnight but doc thought I did so well he threw me out.

Guess these days to spend an overnight in s hospital you need to have s combined heart transplant with some
brsain surgery oh well.

Incisions pains tolerable' but OMFG this headache I have is making me crazy. My throat also very sore.

Came home and my sweet husband who I love and cherish went out to get my rx and brought me home some Mac n cheese from a Panera and an egg custard pie from Publix. Nice soothing foods for the throat and soul

OK off to rest and figure out how to sleep with a bra on , which they recommended. Also I'm a left side sleepers so that's no gonna happen

Off to rest, maybe have
some pie

Whew glad this day is over

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I've been thinking of you.

No, sleeping with a bra on is no fun. Make sure you have a comfortable one. And if you need extra support, you might want to use 2 bras. (Yup. I put a stretchy one on over top.) Those "Genie Bras" advertised on TV, and now available everywhere are pretty comfortable. I just found that I needed the largest size (3XL) even tho based on my bra size, I should have been fine in the 2XL. I bought them before all of my stuff started, and I overflowed the 3XL before my surgery.

You may want to think about Xanax or sleeping meds for a few nights (check on what can be mixed with your pain meds.) I hated not being able to sleep in my normal positions. Back when I was on chemo for Appendix cancer, I had to wear a chemo pump in a waist pack round the clock for 48 hours, and had to sleep on a wedge on my back. I knew those nights were Ambien nights, or I wouldn't sleep.

Do whatever you have to do to get through all of this. That includes meds for anxiety, depression, and sleep if necessary, as well as whatever therapies (mental health, acupuncture, massage, etc.) that makes you feel better. Don't worry about "toughing it out." Getting through cancer is tough enough on its own.

And come here for additional support.


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so happy all went well

Yummy food too...


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Thanks for letting us know how it went. The anxiety before can drive you nuts - I found mine not to be as bad as I imagined it would be. Wearing a bra at night with a sore boob really was challenging but I got through. Just follow what helps you be the most comfortable - of course, I didn't have the right bra on hand but I worked it out. Needless to say, most of us didn't stay overnight with our surgeries but I was more happy at home anyway. Just take care and be good to yourself!

Gentle hugs!

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Glad to hear all went well .... great to see you post so soon ! Sue D

Posts: 250
Joined: Nov 2011

Glad to hear all went well .... great to see you post so soon ! Sue D

Posts: 250
Joined: Nov 2011

Glad to hear all went well .... great to see you post so soon ! Sue D

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So day three begins

Feeling pretty beat up, still choking from the anesthesia, surgeons nurse recommeded starting mucinex. Arm and surgery area very sore, but sorta tolerable I guess. Not sleeping well and just getting thru the days, in a general malaise. At least the terror about surgery is past me.

Now waiting to see surgeon next week for follow up, and see if I have more bad news to hear. He took 3 nodes, to check.. ughh waiting for bad news, hopeing for good.

Throat still sore from intubation and wish my lungs would clear some.

But, sorta functional, wonderful husband taking great care of me, Im so lucky to have him, or as he says we are lucky to have each other for almost 40 years together. He took off some FMLA time to stay with me for about 2 weeks. Nice to have him around. Only thing he cant do, is get one of our dumb dogs to come in after being let out. I have to creep my aching body out there to get Sir Dumbness in. The other Ms Perfect dog , love of his life, always does what she is told :)

Just trying to get thru another day..

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thru surgery. Wow, I am amazed how our bodies can be surgical operated on for hours,
then we are wheeled into the recovery room for about an hour --- asked to get dress,
and sent home.

Please make sure you have help getting out of bed -- don't want to rip out any stitches -- my arms had no strength -- so I needed help.

Hoping your headache is a thing of the past, as well as the sore throat.

In a few weeks - you will be up and about -- living life. Trust me, I know, been
there, done that.

Congratulations on achieving another milestone in this journey, we call breast cancer.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Thanks Vicki, ya I have a full time nurse, I call him my HUSBAND :), he has been really wonderful taking care of what he can. I can get in and out of bed, I just cant move around in bed, which is affecting my sleep.

Headache, thankfully gone, throat, and chest congestion still plagueing me..

Today will be a big milestone, I will attempt a shower.. He will probably have to help wash my hair, Im about ready for a shower but hope I can tolerate standing in there and getting it done..

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Well, each day sounds a little better. Just take one step at a time.
I was happy when I finally got a shower. I felt better. My husband also had to help me with it. Husbands are wonderful (most of the time :) I got much better sleep when I was in the recliner. Keep us posted on your progress.

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