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New Drug Looks promising for Ovarian Cancer

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There was a story on CBS Morning news today. I was wondering if anyone watched it? A GYN/ONC was talking about a breakthrough on a new drug called Metformin that could help cut down on Ovarian Cancer reoccurance. I copied the link if anyone wants to watch it. If for some reason it does not come up just google CBS Morning News Drug Breakthrough for Ovarian Cancer.


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Hi ptharp and thanks for the line. Metformin is not a new drug, but it is new in that they are using it for cancer treatments as well as diabetes. I took Met formin for years for diabetes, but my dr. changed me to glipizide since metforman had some problems. I believe the Metformin is supposed to surpress the glucose the cancer cells feed on. Best, debrajo

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Thanks for sharing this info! I sent my Oncologist the link and will see him on Wed. I asked him if he had some additional information on this and if this is something we could try. My CA125 has been climbing lately and is really upsetting me since it is almost 1800. We may go back to a different chemo on Wed ....Taxol. I did well on it the first time and got my CA to 9. Unfortunately the microscopic cancer started back io again. Maybe we can knock it down again and try this drug too. I will post his response. Thanks again for sharing this info. Always hoping for some breakthrough or miracle! Michele

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