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waiting game

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PINK bus on Wed...for my surgery...GOOD group to travel with...lots of fun...NOT LIKE MY very very long day for same day surgery.

Arrival time 9:30 -trouble with IV bad viens , no water due to surgery. Then to have wire inserted..(SO much better then last time with mammo-4 yrs ago)

then I was TOLD ONLY "2" mammos...(said same thing with biopsy few weeks prior) I stopped counting both days at TEN...OMG...they couldn't see chip at biopsy or wire for surgery. Then a long wait............I finally went into surgery about 3:40 or so...got home about 6:30 PM...NOT much pain or discomfort. I should know results of lab/biospy in a couple days.

I have NOT LOOKED yet and don't plan on it for some time. 4 yrs ago lumpectomy this time different dr and partial mastectomy one in the same for the most part.


Thanks all..

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I hope you get benign results soon, Denise. I imagine it is weighing on you?

I have horrible veins as well. Doctors do not like my veins in my upper hands and arms. When you need an IV's instead of them poking around and struggling, suggest they use an ultrasound. One of my pain doctors in the beginning got so disgusted at not finding a good vein for an IV treatment, he ordered up an ultrasound. Worked like a charm.

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Dr called and left message on home #..I called him right back he was not at his desk...I Hope not in surgery...I want to know now..

i left voice mail with cell and works #s..


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