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IL-2 worked fantastically

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Hi All,

My husband's latest scan showed no sign of disease. His scans came out all clear. He was Stage IV- RCC patient with mets to brain and lungs.

Age- 32 years

March 2012- Diagnosed with Stage IV RCC
April 2012- Left Kidney Nephrectomy
May 2012 - Cyber Knife Brain Radiation
july 2012- First Cycle of IL-2 , took 10 and 9 doses in 2 rounds at Beth Israel, Boston
Aug 2012- First scan after cycle 1- showed 50% response
Sept 2012 - Second scan showed 80-85% response
Sept 2012 - Brain MRI was stable, little swelling was noticed but no tumor.
Oct 2012- Another cycle of IL-2, took 9 and 8 doses
Nov 2012- First scan after 2nd cycle- NO SIGN OF DISEASE;-))))

Now there will be 3 months torso scans and 2 months brain MRIs for 1st year.
I would like to thank everybody on this forum who prayed for us. I wish everyone all the very best whoever is on this forum. keep your spirits high and have faith, everything will be fine.

Thanks again.

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How stupendous! I bet the docs are (almost) as thrilled as you are. This will be extremely encouraging news for younger RCC patients in particular. Please keep us informed, at least from time to time, about how life is going for you two strong minds.

Has he been advised to make any lifestyle changes to consolidate this tremendous achievement?

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Thank you Texas_wedge!! You are absolutely right, Doctors are very thrilled. It made them proud that they are saving one's life. I guess young age was another factor my husband was able to bear IL2. He is not on any restriction. No diet restriction, nothing else. Only thing he is hypothyroid now.IL-2 attacks thyroid glands which is in a way is good , we know IL2 is working. Doctors said that once thyroid is in normal level, they can decrease the dose or maybe even stop taking pill. My husband was on Disablity leave from April- mid aug and then Oct- till present. Tomorrow he is going back to work. He joined worked for 2 months in between his 1st and 2nd cycle and he was very happy about that.
I will keep you updated.Thanks for wishes!!
Wishing you all very healthy happy new year and Happy holidays!!!!

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Christmas miracles do happen!!! You guys must be thrilled, there are many here, present and future, that will feed on your results, FANTASTIC NEWS!!!

So happy for you,


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Thank you Garym. Its no less than miracle. I hope this treatment works for all who suffers the side effects. But I guess when you see clear scans, you feel side effects are nothing. Now we can celebrate our twin's 6th birthday on 24th December with relaxed and Happy mind.
All the very best to everyone. Thank you again!!!

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Sensational! You can't do better than that. I'm thrilled for you and your husband.

Have a question though regarding the three months between the rounds of IL-2. Did they plan it that way? When John had IL-2 in January, they wanted him back for the second round a week after the first (though he didn't make it; took him three weeks). Just curious.

Again, congratulations.

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Wonderful news!

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Awesome! Awesome!

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If you haven't already, forget my question. I got the cycles/rounds/dose terminology confused in your post. Sorry; this seems to be happening oftenER and oftenER.

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I think for now the HD-IL 2 is the closest thing us RCC patients have when it comes to being cured barring surgery,or at least it is at this current time.I am a little curious if being of a younger age might contribute to the effectiveness of this treatment.Well congratulations to your husband and also to the rest of your family because when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer in a way the people that love this person also have cancer.

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If your husband cancer is in remission you and your husband are the luckiest people in the world. Go play the lottery!

PS could you please describe in detail your husband’s treatment cycle of IL-2 and side effects he encountered. - BDS

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An inspiration to everyone fighting this awful disease! My prayers are for a lifetime remission for your husband, and many long happy years raising your beautiful family!

xo Paula

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End of Jan, my husband had brain scan, there were 3 new lesions spotted. along with one in spine. Spine one was caught luckily in brain MRI, then Spine MRI was also done, which luckily showed no disease. So Immidiately he was planned for 3 weeks external beam radiation for Spine and Cyber knife for brain. Earlier in Jan, he had torso scan, which was almost all clear, few scars were there. IL-2 works for body , not for brain and nervous system.

He completed 3 weeks radiation today and follow up scans are next month. Will keep everyone posted.

I wish everyone all the best..keep praying..

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