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Hello all!

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I am new and introducing myself. I am a retired teacher with 2 sons in their twenties, a wonderful husband,and two large, spoiled yorkies. I am determined to have a good attitude about this, and know God is there for me through all things! My 83 yr old mom was diagnosed with stage 3b cc in June of 2012. She is on 5fu and is doing fairly well, was originally own FOLFOX , but dropped the oxi after 2 treatments, only 1 more treatment.

Meanwhile, her surgeon recommended I have a colonoscopy, even though I had had one 8 yrs previously. Feel blessed that I listened to him. I was dx with cc in September, had resection of right colon as well as my appendix and small part of my small intestines. My path was T3 N0 MX. Only had 12 nodes taken. Would be relieved that I am 2a, but it is signet ring cell type. Have been on quite a journey trying to get treatment started. It has taken 8 weeks to get an MSI test done, so meanwhile I am on xeloda not knowing if it is being effective until test results come back. Have decided to put on my big girl panties and get serious with my oncologist's office this Wednesday and see if I can get something done.

Thank you all for the wonderful information I have gotten from this site! Have a super day!

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Welcome! First and foremost, we are sending our thoughts and prayers to you.

There are many here that have had the same or similar surgery and have undergone the various types of chemo and/or treatments. Signet Ring Cell is an aggressive cancer. Do not read treatment data pre 2007 it will be depressing, treatment success has improved greatly. I have had a similar surgery to yours and was diagnosed with Signet Ring Cell in Sept 2007.

Diet, Mental Health, and exercise will help a lot to reduce risks, also you will be healthier.

Keep positive!
Best Always, mike

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Just wanted to first welcome you to the board. I'm not sure what an MSI test is. Sometimes afte diagnosis you just want to get things rollng, but waiting is often what happens when tests are needed first. I'm hoping that you can get that test and then get a plan to move forward with your treatment. Please keep us informed as to what is going on and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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Welcome to the site. You seem to have an upbeat, positive attitude that will help you immensely. I think you will find this forum to be very helpful. Looking forward to hearing about your test results. Good luck.


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Hi, Cathy.

Nice to "meet" you. Praying you'll get great test results back!


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... and sorry you have to join us. Good that you got that colonoscopy! Good luck with whatever treatment you end up on. Regardless of the treatment, there will be someone here who can help you with your questions. Your attitude will help you. Best wishes to you on your journey.

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Hi Cathy, iam so glad you got that colonoscopy. I also have signet ring ... Diagnosed in June ...I am on Folfox and will be done with my 12th chemo treatment in January. After rt side colon surgery which included the removal of my appendix My dr recommended the 12 Folfox treatments...going to do a ct scan this Thursday to see if they see anything. My last CEA was .9 ... Which is very promising. there is an appendix/PMP support group that has lots of information.... Pmppals?org. After I get the ct scan and the end of chemo, I plan to see a specialist....probably in Baltimore....there are 3 specialists that I know of in Baltimore. I am still new at this whole cancer thing... But if you have any questions I'm here.


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