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A Hole lot deeper..

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The hole was deeper than imagined..
Well I had my outpatient surgery on friday to repair my Raggedy Ann Bottom that never healed proper becauae of irradiated tissue when my anus and rectum were remover 1 1/2 years ago.. the skine had twisted and what had appeared to be the end of the hole was not on the other side of the twist it continued.. so they sent me home with a JP drain. I don't know how they expected me to do this myself but I did it somehow.. I removed the bandage today and the dr will remove the drain later this week. Thankfully I was given some percocet as the sitting is tough.. and an antibiotic which kind of scares me and brings me back to that horrible experience long ago with the original surgery, infection and 8 blood transfusion.. can you say SCARED...
Well I feel pretty good and am sitting on my couch right now but not much more uncomfortable than I was previously for the last the year... but needed to wait for the iradiated tissue to change and wait for a chemo break.. So here I am ...
Just going to say pray for me at this time as I really believer no one can every have too many prayers set out there for them..

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Happy your surgery is over. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I will pray for you.


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Ive been wondering how you were getting along. I read your previous post about your concerns with the surgery being done in an outpatient clinic.
Im happy to hear that you are managing your after care. Hope things continue to improve for you.

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This sounds aweful for you!!! I don't really understand why the doc's didn't look at this earlier. How long are you on a chemo. break for??

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I hope your surgery fixes what was broken. You're a strong woman!

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Sheesh...sounds rough.
I can sort of relate as my tumor was low in the rectum and there was one problem after another. The colorectal surgeon ended up giving me a transanal flap, which functions like a regular anal opening (most of the time).
I found using ice packs on the inflammed area extremely soothing.
Hang tight DMJ and here's to better days ahead for you~

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So glad your surgery turned out good and you are home. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Wow, sorry to hear about this. I know from your posts you are a very strong woman. Please each day feel a little better, then in a week you will feel alot better. I know it is hard to do but time will help you heal. I will send prayers and good thoughts as always!

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Praying for you. Whew!


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OK... Drain fell out thursday night.. yea.. but sutures will be in till dec 26th.
strength comes to us all when we need it.. believe me I am no wonder woman everyone tells me I am strong.. I really believe we all do what we need to when the times come.
I want to break down believe me.. but then only I am here to pick up my pieces and I hate cleaning up so if I don't break I have nothing to clean up.. So if you know a Mister Clean who wants to come to Jersey and pick up my pieces send him my way...
But seriously.. thank you all for your well wishes.. I appreciate them very much.
Sitting in still uncomfortable..but percocet helps..

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