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I was told to stop eating grapefruit last year, at Sloan, because it can cause drug interaction problems.

Important article, please read: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2239520/Grapefruit-warning-Doctors-says-cause-dangerous-reaction-host-common-drugs.html

Opinions? Has your Dr. mentioned anything about the above?


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Yes it has been known for quite some time grapefruit interferes with many medicines including birth control. Shame I love grapefruit juice.

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When I was given my pre-chemo education class it was stated very emphatically that while on chemo ab solutely no grapefruit at all as it would counteract the chemo. Not a prob. for me - I hate grapefruit. I remember being told before that several times to not have grapefruit several times when given antbiotics.

I was also told no pomegranet (sp?) while on chemo as it is a strong anti-oxidant and could counteract the chemo. Was also told no garlic suppliments for the same reason but I could use fresh (not dried) garlic in cooking as the fresh is not as concentrated as the dried. That was good as I use a lot of fresh garlic (and onions) in cooking.

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