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Still alive

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I don't know if everyone realizes how close David was to dying on Thursday. He doesn't even remember the day. It was so scary and I was looking bid death square in the face. I know the last couple of days I have been so thankful when he awakes in the morning. I know God is giving me one more day with him. An update on his chemo. He is 48 hours in and has 48 to go. He has had a lot of nausea and diarrhea and hiccups. The good news is the treatment appears to be working so far. His numbers are actually exceeding expectations so keep praying. I know we have a long way to go and statistically I am fooling myself, but I don't want him to leave me. I prayed with him last night and couldn't stop sobbing. This all still seems like a terrible nightmare and right before the holidays.

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I realize what the odds are in this world....but we are praying for a miracle...I so pray you get one for the Holidays...

Thinking of you Vivian ..and David.



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YES!! And he's halfway thru it...another YES!! You better believe I'm praying for David and you...many times every day. Thank you so much for keeping us updated...lots of powerful prayers from many people are going out...I just read about a guy in Seattle who survived Primary Plasma Leukemia...has now for 4 years...you just keep believing.


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for a miracle.

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for a miracle.

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We are thinking of and praying for you and David...

Kent Cass
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is in my Prayers. Miraculous changes for the Positive do happen-



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As always, David is in my prayers. Let's hope the second half of the treatment will be easier on him (and you). Rick.

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All of us are pulling on your and David’s life line, never give up is the mantra. Were on your team to win!



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You have my prayers that David will recover and you see a turn around by the Holidays....

Keep the faith and we'll keep praying for you both.

Also, you mentioned, "He has had a lot of nausea and diarrhea and hiccups.".. Just a reminder to stay up on the hydration, I know you have a ton on your plate, and I'm sure you are doing everything possible.

But just wanted to throw that out there...


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I want you to know that I am and continue to pray for you both. I believe that good things are coming your way. I hope David will continue to do well and tolerate treatment well. Several times throughout my day I think of you and pray all is ok and I wait for your updates. Please keep us posted as much as you can so we know how and what to pray for and about. Hang in there girl and know that we are all pulling for you both and want the very best for you.

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Pam M
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Magnificent! Hoping this keeps up. Asking for him to keep making progress.

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Half way through is great. Even though chemo is making him sick , I am hoping when his blood count straightens out he will feel better. Hold tight to David...he needs you and you need him



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and I will continue! For both of you! Just put your worries into God's hands. He'll know what to do!

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I am glad that the chemo appears to be working. I will keep praying. The two of you are always in my thoughts.


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We will Never Stop praying and keeping the faith that David will get through this. Hang in there girl....you're doing the best you can with the circumstances. Thinking of you two...


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