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High psa after surgery

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My PSA scores for past 10 yrs hovered around 3, with it spiking this year to 15. Biopsy showed cancer, with gleason of 9 (4+5), with about 25% of left affected. Bone scan, pelv ic scan and lung xray were clear pre surgery. I had surgery(prostatecomy) at end of July and had his first PSA about three weeks ago, with it indicating it dropped only 5 pts. I had another PSA done about 3 weeks with an increase of 2 to 3 tenths (could be within margin of error I suspect). 2nd bone scan done about 2 weeks ago clear as well. I will be having a prostascint scan this Tues and Wed. I find it hard to wrap our heads around this because: gland was small when removed, doctor said he cut wide when removing it and all margins were clear, 11 lymph nodes removed and all were clear as well. Gleason 9 is concerning. Cancer also found in one seminal vesical. Any thoughts welcome.

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Welcome to the board.

I am sorry for your status. If I read it proper, your PSA was 10 ng/ml after surgery (down from 15) which indicates a failed treatment. You should prepare yourself for a salvage therapy the soonest.
I would recommend you to discuss with your doctor about starting hormonal treatment while investigating about a proper protocol.
You should be aware of the side effects that will superimpose to the ones you got from surgery.

Try searching the net googling this sentence; Salvage treatments for prostate cancer.

Gleason score 9 is for a very aggressive type so that you need a doctor that specializes in targeted medications. Get second opinions from a doctor you trust, particularly from a medical oncologist.

I wish you the best of lucks in your journey.

Hope for the best.


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