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Story in the Huff Post about a miracle baby. Had an inoperable brain tumor. Dr's recommended chemo, dad said no. He wanted to try hash oil. Put it on her pacifier twice a day. Brain tumor went away over six months, with this as the only treatment.

I have mentioned this treatment before, and an article from some scientists using a part of marijuana as a treatment that was very promising.

For people with tumors, going through chemo, and ht this might make a great supplement, if it is legal in your state.



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    And this is only one of many who have had amazing results from the oil. The FDA has had the patent on cannabinoid treatment for a very long time. But because there is no money it for them from the big pharmas, it is swept under the rug. Every single person has an Endocannabinoid system. Every single person has THC in their system. When that system fails for whatever reason then the introduction of more THC and CBD has to be increased to help fight the cancer cells. This isn't fantasy. Anyone can do their research and find this out. All this comes from a plant. A plant that has been here since the beginning of time as medicine, food, fuel, clothing, building materials. There was a time when people were ordered to grow hemp. Ford built a car that was stronger than steel using hemp. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp. Guess what the American flag was made of?
    You can legally buy hemp seeds that can be used in soups, salads etc. It is a great source of protein and healthier than anything you can buy in the grocery stores these days with everything containing Pesticides compliments of Monsanto.

    There are numerous ways in which the plant can be used. It doesn't necessarily have to have a buzz to be effective. In fact the oil is made from strains that DON'T give you a high. You can eat the leaves in a juice (NO HIGH) you can make a salve from it, you can use it as a vaporizer and the list goes on. The possibilities are endless. This has been amazing for Crohn's disease patients. I have list after list of testimonials, videos medical research. It's a PLANT, plain and simple.