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Christmas holiday Challenge

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Glad to be done
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Friday morning on my way to work I went through the Tim Hortons drive thru for my coffee and a bagel I was craving. I looked in my rear view me and thought tis the season... When I got up to pay I paid for my order and gabe the girl $2 to by the person behing me their coffee. I told the girl to tell him I said Merry Christmas. My hope is that he did something nice for someone that day.

Yesterday I challenged my facebook friends. Every day till Christmas to do something nice for somebody. Anything as easy as holding a door. I had a friend send me a message saying I don't think I could do that. I reminded her that just the day before she gave me an extra desk calendar she had when I was in need.

I thought maybe we could try it here also..... Let's try doing at least one nice thing for someone every day and see how we do...

Let us know how it goes.. It is easy and I am sure we all do it every day out of habit any way we will just be thinking about it when we do it.

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Glad to be done
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Yesterday I walked out of a store and then turned around and opend it again for a woman going in. Easy. I also put away the kids laundry without even mentioning it to them. That is their job to do.

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Yesterday, my husband and I were in the grocery store chcck-out line with lots of stuff in our cart, waiting for the man in front of us to get his groceries rung up. The woman behind us had only a cake, and so I told her to go ahead of us in line. To me, it was a small gesture that was no big deal but the woman was so appreciative and it made us feel good.

Large or small acts of kindness, done from the heart, are a win-win for the giver and receiver.


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Macy's on Thursday when a young woman called out to me. I thought she was going to spritz me with cologne. I turned hesitantly as she said, let me fill in your brows. I paused and thought, why not? I have good brows (I don't know what happened to the rest of me) but after years of waxing, they are very thin. To make matters worse on my last trip to my hairdresser she took a chunk out of the right brow. I have never had to use eyebrow pencil but recently purchased a couple of products from QVC. I didn't have good luck with them.

Anyway.....this young lady was so sweet and of course probably on commission so she began to try other products. I really liked the way I looked and joked, do you think if I walk around the mall I could snag a boyfriend. She laughed and said, you are so cute.

I was in a bit of a hurry because I had an appointment with my surgeon so I told her I would purchase the brow products but wanted to come back for the whole banana. She said they were having an event of Saturday so I made an appointment.

By the time I went back on Saturday I was feeling down after my appointment with my surgeon which I will talk about in another post. But this young lady made me feel so good. I felt so comfortable with her and was disappointed to find out she has a boyfriend (as a mother who wants grandchildren, I am always searching). I had a great time and loved the way I looked. Unfortunately I had no place to go but home.

I told this girl that she had come into my life at the exact moment I needed her to. I told her she made me feel so good. I blinked back tears and she gave me a hug. It was a very positive experience when I needed it the most.

Well, you are probably wondering what the point of my story is. I am kind of shy but I have been trying to express my feelings to people. Whether it be how nice they look, how grateful I am for their presence in my life or just whatever positive thought comes into my head when I am with someone.

You cannot believe how happy and surprised some people are. I remember when I had a fluid tap early on in my journey and I thanked the tech for making it easy for me. She was taken aback and got tears in her eyes.

I think it is easy to be negative but I am trying to be aware of any moment when I can make someone feel good.


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kimberly sue 63
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It is so nice to read about good people doing good deeds and having such kind hearts. If we watch the movies that come out or listen to the news it seems as if our world is mean and cold. Thanks to all of you bring a smile and a kind gesture to a stranger every day. Kim

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2timothy1 7
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Love this challenge. Always helps me to take focus off myself from time to time. I'll get back to you when I've done something:).

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Love it. It is always great to do something special for someone and this time of year it makes for a good reminder. I always host a Christmas party with my Sarong Sisters. We are 18 women who have stayed friends and traveled to warm destinations (hence sarong sisters) for over 20 years. We play a game at our Christmas party to bring our gifts in a brown bag and then we draw numbers and steal the presents just to add some fun. I changed the party to a Toys for Tot party. We will still bring a $20 -$25 gift but instaed of for us it will be a toy for a child. Everyone will still bring the gifts in a brown bag and we will still play the steal game but after we open them we will check out all the toys and the following morning take all the gifts to the Toys for Tot center. We will still get to have a fun party but feel even better when we can donate the gifts to the kids. Thanks for a great idea/challenge and reminder! Happy Holidays and Good Health to all! Michele

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2timothy1 7
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Took buckeyes into my oncologist and PA today. Also signed up to help deliver toys to some needy children. Feels good to give to others.:)

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Every year for Christmas I make home made Fudge and Divinity. For the last two years I have been sending both to my onc dr. and staff. They even ask if I was "cooking" for Christmas when I went for a check up in Nov.! So , I will be shipping all the goodies out come Monday!

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