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Uplifting website

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Just wanted to share this. On my H&N surgeons website I saw a post for this this survivor who sings songs to patients all over the country and world for that matter while they are going thru chemo. I went on his site and read about him and listened to him sing to some of the patients, very touching. His web site is: www.mademenuclear.com
Just thought I'd share. Sending well wishes to you all.

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Pam M
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Will have to check it out.

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he had a great voice

FYI he also has a facebook page. The Musical Hope Campaign

Billie thanks for sharing


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Thanks for the info..., I added a link to make it an easier click for everyone.

Cancer Survivor Musician


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Thanks for sharing this...very inspiring. Is he also a H & N survivor?

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Posts: 843
Joined: Jul 2012

I wish I knew how to provide the link like that.

Cureitall66, yes he is one of us H&N superstars! I guess that's why I like him even more :-)

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