New Here..

Hello. I am new here trying to learn more about this cancer or ways that i can support my mother who was diagnosed today with stage four linitus plasticas cancer. I care for her very much as i am her oldest son and have a big family who cares for her very much as well also. She has just finished her first surgery couple days ago and that is what doctors are saying has happened. I just want to find ways that i can support her and help her find ways thats she can stay positive and keep on fighting this fight that we have just started with this horrible disease that im sure many go through. Does anybody have any suggestions to when is the best time to start chemo if it should be done rite away? we've been told we have to wait until the wound from surgery heals but isnt that making it more risk of the cancer spreading? god bless all we are all close to god and hoping for the best or some good results. and if there are any survivors with this desease is there any helpful life saving info that maybe you can share. right now we all have to try and keep positive and it's very hard to do so because this is the first time dealing cancer in our family. i wish everyone well and recovery and bless all who affected by this. have a wonderful day hoping i can connect with a few positive people on here and looking for treatment options and alternative treatment or whatever positive vibes or advice that god or anyone here can send us. thank you for your time wishing the best always. thank you