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Has anybody heard from TexasGirl10 or know how she is doing? Have not heard an update in a while and praying she is doing okay. Thanks


New Flower
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I am very concern as well. Janice usually gives updates, unfortunately the last one was about 3 weeks ago.
We are thinking about you

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You read my mind. I have been thinking about her lately,too, but couldn't remember her name. I know things were rough for her at the last updates we have gotten. I can't remember the screen name of the lady that usually gives us an update for her.

Posts: 601
Joined: Mar 2004


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TexasGirl10 Report yourself to the pink community please. We need to hear from you soon.

I pray all is well with you. Let us know when you can.

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how you are doing.

Vicki Sam

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