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New to this board but not new to cancer

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Hi folks,

I can normally be found on the colorectal board, as I had a rectal tumor diagnosis 3 years ago this month. I had extensive surgery and have been doing well since then.

Today I join you not as a patient with Uterine cancer but as a caregiver. In October my sister was diagnosed with it and had extensive surgery. Just this past week a chest CT scan showed she has many very small mets in both lungs, so Stage 4. She is 53 years old.

She is starting chemo of taxol and carboplatin next Friday.

I am impressed with her oncologist and his entire team, so no worries on that front.

I have been reading your stories here and am encouraged that while a cure is still only a dream, many of you are still living life fairly well.

I hope that I can be of help to you all as I seek help from you.

Marie who loves kitties

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Marie, it feels strange to say welcome to a place like this, but so be it, you are. My daughter has a friend recently dx with colon ca so I have been lurking on your board as well. Thanks for the explanation of SUV. I had been trying to figure it out.

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I know what you mean about the 'strangeness', but as I have found on the colorectal board finding others who are or have traveled this road is comforting.

Glad I could help with the SUV thing.

I would encourage your daughter's friend to join the colorectal board. As they are here, the folks over there are super about mentoring those newly diagnosed.

Again, thank for the welcome.

Marie who loves kitties

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Shell bug
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Hi Marie,

I had (have) uterine cancer, but visit the colorectal board because I have a very high risk of contracting that in my lifetime (60%). So, I am familar with you from reading that board. I just try to learn as much as I can just in case.

I just want you to know that I am 39 years old and had grade 3 stage 2 uterine cancer. Obviously, that is young. Your sister is also young to have uterine cancer. I have a genetic disorder called Lynch Syndrome and my family is riddled with endometrial and colorectal cancer. I am the first person diagnosed. I would suggest that your sister be tested for this. They do tests on the tumor before a blood draw on the patient. It isn't cheap and insurances do not like to pay for it.

What the information does is let your family know that they are at risk if there is a positive resule. Please look at the Lynch Syndrome International website to see what you think. It is scary, but with her being so young and you have colorectal cancer, those are the two leading cancers in Lynch Syndrome. I just wanted you to know. My two sons each have a 50/50 chance of having this genetic mismath repair issue. Now that they know, they can be screened for colon cancer and it can be caught in the earliest stages.

I don't mean to scare you I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't share my experience and knowledge.

I wish you and your sister only the best.

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Thank you for the info and your concerns regarding Lynch.

From what we gather, neither have it, but I have put my 2 children on notice to monitor for colorectal cancer particularly.

I had also read that there is a strong link between colon and uterine cancer occurances. I hope all here are on a colonoscopy schedule to help catch any polyps early.

My best wishes to you,

Marie who loves kitties

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