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Nothing in my head

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Went gor Ct of brain..no tumor..today MTI..no tumor ...yeah. Had appointments with neurolist ant have a few more test for next week. I still walk like a drunken sailor..doctor thinks it may be inner ear problems. Hope it gets better soon. I have a lot to do. I had np chamo last week but ca-125 went up to 24 I go again next week....maybe a different chemo or no chemo. Just wanted to say hello and I really do love you all.

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woo hoo. And Bigs hugs and prayers for you.

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Very happy that your brain scan was clean.

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to awake to! (((((HUGS))))) Maria

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to hear your good news. Hopefully it is something simpler for a change, right?


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Glad to be done
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Great news on the scan

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I know, dizziness is annoying and uncomfortable. I recently got a virus which caused vertigo. Still trying to get over it - hope it's soon!


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