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Viagra costs - where to get for less

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I have a friend who was diagnosed with a gleason 3+3 and had robotic surgery to remove the prostate in August, 2012. All went well with surgery, but now the penile rehabilitation process is underway. Part of the process calls for daily doses of Viagra and insurance only covers 5 pills/month (along with a co-pay), so the rest is out-of-pocket expense. I'm hoping someone out there has a recommendation for a reputable pharmacy in Canada or overseas that provides Viagra at a reduced cost. The penile doctor suggested that Canadian pharmacies are less expensive (he said they actually get the pills from India), but he was not able to share more information. Thank you.

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ProgressiveRX was recommended to me by another member here for ED drugs but I have not ed it yet. Try it at your own risk. Good luck!


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Thanks for the feedback on the web-site. I'll look it over! Take care

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I've been getting mine for years at ADC (all day chemist). Great prices and customer service.

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The Kanagra Indian version of viagra works well and many use it here in Thailand. It can be obtained at any pharmacy in Thailand and of course is available in India. But I guess you would have to get someone to bring it to the US for you. It is about $3 per tablet
The canadian pharmacy also sells kanagra but at a ridiculous price.

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