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Speaking of tasting things...

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My husband has his left tonsil removed along with a bit of the wall behind it, and a left neck dissection a month ago today (3 of 29 nodes effected with 2 having growth outside the nodes). Tonight he wanted wings from a local restaurant, then said they didn't taste right. I ate them too, and they were the same as every other time. I was a bit surprised that only surgery would impact his taste.

Anyone else have taste changes from surgery alone?

Guess it won't be the only surprise on this bus :)


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Sometimes the medication from the surgery can affect the taste. Also if by some chance a nerve was in the way and got cut that too will have an affect on taste whether it will come back or not may just take sometime. As with me I have very little or no taste of anything just something you learn to live with after a while.

God Bless

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My husband does that often...loves something, then tells me I made it different "or something", cuz it doesn't taste right now. To me it's no different than the last time...of course this was before I had treatment, and could taste what I make...these days all cooking is a guess for me...ha!


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I never had surgery so can't asnwer that one...



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