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Dropping in to say hi!

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I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. We had it in our new house we were building while I was in treatment. I cooked the entire meal except a few sides. It went really well.

I've got about 70% of my taste back. Saliva is better but hard to say how much is back. I guess about 50%? I have decided I definitely am experiencing chemo brain. If. Felt like typing a bunch I could tell you sme stories. My swallowing is pretty good but my mouth doesn't open nearly as big as it did before. I think really the worst things I deal with are memory issues and fatigue. I'm hoping these will get better as time goes on. All n all, I can't complain.

Oh! I ate pickles and pickled beets tonight. Also black pepper seems to work and I can officially eat grapes again. But still can't eat ketchup lol.

Anyway, I get my second follow up scan on the 19th of December. Time flies when you're having fun. ;o)

I wish each of you all good things and an abundance of healing energy,


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and bounds...gives me hope for some improvements in taste and spit over the next couple months (I can lick my lips now, and food tastes good for 6 bites instead of three)...It comes as a surprise doesn't it, when you go to stick a forkfull of food in your mouth, and it simply can't be accomodated...

Hoping the fatigue lightens up for you...my insurance company sent me a book (Life After Cancer)....it said the fatigue can last up to a year...so you're in the "norm" of things...

I've been trying ketchup every week since the end of September...it doesn't sting, but it doesn't have much taste either...you and I are the ketchup junkies I think...LOL.

Sending positive thoughts on your second scan...


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i ate some ketchup today. still not great but better than it was. never give up! lol.

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Hi Cindy,

Nice to hear you are feeling well and continue to improve.

I am also back in the land of the eating. I had hamburger and fries tonight. It was the first time fries tasted good since last February and with ketchup, yum, yum.

Have a clean scan, get some sleep and eat some fish (brain food).



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So glad you posted and stoppe by to say hello!!!!

Sounds like you had a great meal...also glad you are getting back to the new normal...



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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

i'm eating a lot of fish these days! havent tried a burger yet but i did make a meatloaf last night and ate 3 slices :o)

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Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

i'm eating a lot of fish these days! havent tried a burger yet but i did make a meatloaf last night and ate 3 slices :o)

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Pam M
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Nice to hear you're moving right along.

Catsup was a goal for me, too. If you're eating pickles, though, I'd think catsup can't be far behind. Good.

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Great to hear you are coming along nicelt in recovery...


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this encouraging words... It is just great that you feel good! We all need to hear that because it gives hope and courage for everyone who are still in the beginning/middle/just finished their treatment. You had the same treatment as my Dad.

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To you and yours over this holiday season. Hopefully we can all set aside our healthissues long enough to celebrate and remember what is actually imprtant in our lives. Hopefully we can all put the beast in a box on a shelf until after the new year and experience some happiness and family bonding, as we all know the Beast will be there when we come back.

I love all of my CSN buds!!!


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