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1st GYN/oncologist visit

Sisters three
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Like the rest of you said, more wait and see. I think I started looking for support earlier than many of you. Now I have a 2nd test that has gone wrong.
My Pap test pulled the same cancer diagnosis as the uterine biopsy also showed endometriod Adencarcinoma. The Doc says that usually means the disease is more advanced. They have scheduled a CT scan but not a colonoscopy. After forgetting to mention it to the doc I called back to see if I shouldn't be getting one.The nurse acted like It wasn't to be done since it wasn't ordered. Oh well I guess if I step on toes, I step on toes.
I don't go back to her until Dec. 28th. She said after that appt I will be scheduled for surgery within a week

Maybe By then my husband will have had his aortic aneurysms surgery and he will be on his feet, GOD WILLING!

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Although I had worrisome sx that took me to my gyn, she wasn't concerned until my pap came back abnormal. My final dx was UPSC 1a, which is best case scenario for this type of cancer. So, once again, I would think positive. You really won't know what you are facing till after surgery. Lets keep hoping for the best.

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It is your health - step on toes. Think positively and enjoy Christmas!


Sisters three
Posts: 165
Joined: Nov 2012

I need to just enjoy Christmas and stop stressing. Put it on Gods shoulders and just take care of my husband. Big sigh.
Thanks for your comments!

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Double Whammy
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I didn't know a positive Pap was worrisome. Prior to my dx, my Pap showed normal endometrial cells, which is abnormal in post menopausal women and this is what prompted further testing for me. My biopsy showed complex atypical hyperplasia with areas suspicious for adenocarcinoma. When I first saw the gyn/onc he said it was fortuitous that my Pap raised suspicion. No one mentioned that as a potential sign of more advanced disease - maybe because there was still a possibility I had only hyperplasia? I dunno. Anyway, I did have cancer, but it was Stage 1a, grade 1 endometroid adenocarcinoma - a very positive prognosis.

By all means, take good care of your husband so he can take care of you while you recuperate from your surgery. So sorry to hear of both of you having such a difficult time and I hope that you have a positive outcome.


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