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Hello everyone, I am 35 years old and stage 4 ovc. Had 6 rounds of Taxol with carb. My ca125 was down to 8. Now in a clinical trial and on 3rd round of lower dose taxol. My ca125 up to 14, but my onc just calls it noise for now. I was wondering if anyone else experiences dizziness. It started during my first chemo and happens whenever I look up and lie down?

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extremely lightheaded during my last cycle of chemo. It turned out all my electrolytes had tanked. I waited too long to see the doctor and ended up in the ER and a five-day stay in the hospital. Make sure you let your doctor know.


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I myself never experienced dizziness, but I agree with Karen that you should let your doctor know. Hopefully it'll be something that can be easily remedied.

Take care,


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or chemo nurses. It could be something very simple to remedy. Congrats on your super CA-125 numbers. ((((HUGS)))) Maria

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I got so dizzy after my first treatment that I passed out and ended up in the ER... Turns out I was extremely low on my fluids... They gave me fluids and sent me on my way feeling mucch better. Drink those fluids. I drank sobo,gatorade, water with mio in it so I could make it taste different... Good luck

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Thank you ladies for your response. I have been telling them every time about the dizziness, and they say they are not sure why. I get slightly anemic after a treatment, but do drink plenty of fluids. I don't know. Hopefully it will go away after treatments. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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