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Going off site for awhile

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Joined: May 2012

Hello guys and gals,
I'm going to not be posting for awhile...need to go into battle mode. I want you all to know I'll be thinking of you all, and keeping you all in my prayers. I just need to focus and prepare for the 18th. I want to enjoy my moments....my family and life without for a few days thinking or talking about the beast. My daughters Jayne and Maggie will post after my surgery on my site here. Love sent to all ! Katie

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Godspeed, Damn the torpedoes, screw it, and most importantly hit it with your best shot and I wish you huge success!

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Give them Hell!

prayers for you, family and doc's


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Hi Katie,

Are you sure you can leave us alone, who’s going to steer the boat, me? Just kidding, but if you want I will put on my “Katie hat” and fill in for you (again kidding).

Seriously, you keep me in check (and others) when a thread “lights a fuse”. Cancer is a mean adversary which affects your mind as much as body. Take a break, enjoy the family and the season and get yourself physic to battle once more.



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I send all of my positive thoughts and energy to you for a very positive surgical outcome. Always remember, YOU CAN DO THIS!


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Glad that you are doing what is best for you. Just know that I will be thinking of you and sending all my positive thoughts and prayers as you go forward. Godspeed to you and yours


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and say more power to you....battle mode, here we come!!

I will miss you, but am grateful that your daughters will keep us updated on your surgery...You my dear are, and have been my sister thru these last few months...will be tucking you into my pocket, too...


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Hope I got you before you left....I've been watching your posts....know that you are in my nightly prayers!!!! I understand why you have to take a break...but I will sure miss your posts....I will not forget about you while away .....check back in as and when you can....I feel close to my online family....I will also put you on my church prayer list as well...so ache for you right now going through all you are going through...

Best to you Katie...big o'ol cyber hug!!!!!


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Sending our best. Take care!

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Tonsil Dad
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Joined: Dec 2011

You deserve it Katie you go and enjoy your time with your
wonderful family then your batteries will be charged to
fight the fight. In the meantime God will be preparing
his miracles to pass on to you on the 18th.
looking forward to positive posts in the near future

God bless
Tonsil Dad,


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Katie I understand your need for a break, but know you will be missed. I can't wait for you to come back to say you are kicking this things butt. Bless you sweet Katie

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Before you take your break. We will miss you and all of your kindness while you are away. I hope you have a great time with your family and soak up all their love. I'm praying for you and your procedure and treatment. Please check back in soon and let us know how you are doing.

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Just remember I will be there with you in pray.


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Fight the good fight Katie ...


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Joined: May 2012

For strength, courage, healing.

And kick you some cancer butt!!

We will miss you Katie. You were always a ray of sunshine on this site. It will be a little gloomy until you return.



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Will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers with well wishes. Certainly understand your choice as I too have been spending valuable time with my family and my Mom as she is struggling to recover from a fall and surgery.
We can give you encouragement but family can give you hugs :-)

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Oh, dear Katie, your warm words will strongly be missed! But I know this is time for you, only for you, your family and your fight mode. I know you will come back and share success story with us! I will be thinking about you! And praying! Take care and... big warm hug for you!!!

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Getting away from it all is sometimes the best medicine. We all see the need for a vacation from our jobs/careers. So, there should be a need for a vacation from this battle. I recently finished a three-week period during which neither my wife nor I had a single appointment with a healthcare professional. That didn't happen in years. I'm sure your time away will benefit you, make you stronger for the fight ahead.

And I am very happy that you told us about your absence. Everyone would worry.

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That's a good plan, we will all be here when you need us. Rest assured all of us will be sending prayers and good mojo.

It will all work out for you, I can feel it. You are tough and courageous, and will NOT let the beast have it's way with you.

God bless


Kent Cass
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Godspeed to a successful recovery.


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Pam M
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In the meantime, hope you're treasuring your family and surroundings, and mine is just one of the many well-wishes you'll be catching up on reading after you get back home. Do well.

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