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Returning to Work -Advice?

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After a looong haul, I finished my chemo treatment and series of methotrexate shots. PET shows clear! The oncologist has ok'd my returning to work (8 hr days) about a week from now. My job is sitting at a computer all day processing pension related information and detailed. It will take me awhile to get "up to speed" and I hope my corporate company is understanding of that. BUT......

Basically, I am nervous about returning to work after these 6+ months. I'm worried about doing my job and just getting through the day of work. During my treatments, I never knew what symptoms to expect day to day. I still have very disjointed night sleep, fatigue, muscle aches and need to gain at least 15 lbs. I feel the cold more too and you can only put on so many clothes until you can't move.

I'm looking for advice from others who returned to work on how best to handle it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!!!!

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I'm still on my first sick leave after surgery, so not speaking from experience. Wondering if your doctor could change it to 4 or 6 hour days to start, so you ease back? Or, is there a possibility of working at least part time from home?

I can understand feeling apprehensive to return to work. I send you calming thoughts so the pressure of the work environment doesn't impact your healing journey.

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I too was out close to 6 months.  When I went back I felt the same jitters I would on a first day at a new job.  I have a job where I am on the floor and walking around often. Fortunately, I have a very understanding team at work.  The biggest challanges I faced were that I could not get around as fast as I used to.  I had to take my time.  Climbing stairs and doing anything to strenuous was difficult because my red blood cell counts were still pretty low from the chemo and often I would get winded and dizzy.  So I paced myself more.


I will say this, it felt great going back to work and being part of a team and working after being bound to my bed for 6 months.  Good luck, just pace yourself and take it easy, you'll do just fine.

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Merna Al-Shimy
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My advice to you to return to your work it's much better to you and your health

Don't care what other see you the must important thing you have feel good

believe me I'm student have 19 years old in university and get chemo theropy and I lose all my hair.

my Dr. told me if you can go to your job or university go you have to meet people and talk to them to feel good and forget your theropy and stop thinking in it

all my friend and my teacher in university support me and give me hope.And I'm sure your friend in your job will give you hope and support you

Also me suddenly feel cold and suddenly feel hot that's normal from chemo

return to your work you will fell better :)


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