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last PET scan (i hope)

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i had my last chemo infusion on wednesday and my last Neulasta shot today. now i have to go through chemo-hell one more time, and then on Dec. 13 i have the PET scan that will determine my fate--if i'm clear of lymphoma, then i just have to check in periodically to make sure it's gone. if there's still a little bit left, i'll have to start radiation therapy.

i'll find out the results from my oncologist on the 18th. so the 13th until the 18th will be very nervous-making. please, everyone do juju in your own special way that i'm clear of lymphoma. all religions and/or magickal practices cheerfully accepted.



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May you be free of cancer forever... Will definitely be thinking of you and saying the best of prayers...

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No problem- you've got my prayers and will focus on Dec. 13 & 18th! I will pray that the PET is clean and that you don't need any more chemo or radiation! All good thoughts coming your way for health and peace.


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Hi Vee,

Sending you positive thoughts and energy.
I'd dance naked under a full moon if I thought it would help -
no matter how embarassing that would be ;).

Hugs to you and great to hear from you!


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I will keep positive happy thoughts that all will show clear with your scan! Keep busy and try not to get too anxious. Much love....Sue

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I hope this scan releases you back to normal life! :)

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Hi V,
I will be sending you positive thoughts that all is well with your results! Please let us know what the doc says. Take care


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