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Bond, James Bond !!!

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Tonsil Dad
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Hi to all my cyber family,
I came back from my cruise nearly two weeks
ago and when I logged on the the board I couldn't believe all the
new people who are here, whats going on in this world ? it never stops.
I've been reading the posts everyday but it really saddens me
to see that some are having a real hard time, yet it makes me
happy to hear of all the NED out there. I havn't commented on
anything, I don't know why - I usually welcome or support you guys
but for some reason I just don't know....Maybe I need another cruise.
I still have saliva and taste issues but thats nothing compared to some
of you, maybe I feel a little guilty because I'm doing so good , almost doing
what I did before the C hit ( apart from taste and saliva) most things
are back to normal...Sex, Drugs , Rock n Roll....just kidding no Rock n Roll.

I changed my picture , I was going to the Captains Dinner so I thought
I would look like James Bond, it turns out that the waiters were in white
jackets and people were asking me for drinks it was pretty funny. Anyway I
had pina coladas and daiquiris oh yes and a few coronas for John ( Skiffin )too
many actualy but I can't wait for the next one.

I would like to welcome all the newbies and pray your treatment goes swift
and painless,
I would also like to congratulate all with the recent NED may all
your future scans be NED.
I will say special prayers and my wife will pray in church that all
of you with re-occurences or going through pain and suffering be healed,
our hearts go out to you.

I think I have babbled on to much , Love you all.......

God Bless
Tondil Dad,


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I see cancer recovery has made you shaken and not stirred. It looks like you have Golden Finger you Fireball. Were you on the cruise From Russia with Love or were you on the Quantum of Solace which is hot this year. Remember You Only Live Twice and like being a H&N warrior, Diamonds are Forever. Were you careful on your cruise and look out for the Octopussy, oh that’s right you’re The Man With The Golden Gun and will Never Say Never Again when Skiffin asks you to go fishing (in his new boat the Moonraker). I don’t have A License To Kill, but I do have a Glodeneye when I say The World Is Not Enough. Now off to the Casino Royal before the Sky Fall and I Die Another Day.

Above is proof positive of radiation brain “gone wild”.

Happy you are feeling well, once a H&N warrior always a H&N warrior.



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Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

That was awsome Matt, it put a smile on
my face. well done!

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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that's all!

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And I suppose the ships main physician to be none other than....

Dr. No


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Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

It was not a pleasure cruise I was on Her Majestys Secret Service
and what I was doing is For Your Eyes Only but it did scare The
Living Daylights out of me when I met the Spy Who Loved Me and
I thought what the hell Live And Let Die or go home.

God Bless
Tonsil dad,


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I not only laughed but I'm awestruck...

Dan, that is SO funny about everybody thinking you were a waiter, after you black-tied for the fancy dinner...LOL...great cruise story. I love irony...

The saliva and taste are the two things that seem to take the most time...Skiffin said it took two years to get 90% back, so I've been keeping my expectations low, and grateful I can at least lick my lips (uses up all my produced saliva for the next two hours, however).
It sounds like you had a great time...good for you!!!


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Pam M
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And I'm not even trying to get a drink.

Posts: 344
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just wanted to say, neither you or anyone on this planet should ever feel guilty about NED and doing so well. It's what you worked so hard to acheive


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This post and link brought tears to my eyes. Matt...you're out and out crazy ! But please don't ever change ! Dan I'm so pleased you had such an adventure ! This makes my day, honestly ! And please continue to post....I for one need you guys and gals that have reached NED to continue to inspire the rest of us ! Welcome home ! Katie

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Matt...Dan....too funny! Great laugh.

You look great Dan ....very happy for the NED of course and very happy you had a great cruise...please say hello to your wife for me.



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Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

Thanks for all the fun on this thread, it was worth
wearing the Tux just for the laugh..ha ha.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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