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what a day

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Today David had the new PICC line installed and it bled since 9:30 this morning. They gave him two platelet transfusions and it just isn't clotting well. Then the gave him a antibodies infusion (his body isn't producing enough). He had a reaction of fever and severe rigors. We finally got past that though. He is set to have chemo tonight, but he really looks very ill. His mom and I don't even know if he should put himself through it. The bone cancer doctor came in today and told us the cancer is in the hip socket and he may not be safe to walk. he wanted to do radiation but I don't think Davids doctors agreed. He said that if David gets through this he will probably have to have a hip replacement. I am starting to feel complete exhaustion and your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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I will be doing my prayers soon and I will say a special prayer for you and David ....I feel so helpless for you both ...all I can do is pray....but it does make a difference, praying and thinking of you both ...

Hang in there and tell David we care and are thinking of him often...



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I must say David is a fighter in the truest form. I will hope for positive results from each step you both take. Keep your chin up and hang tight.



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I literally just prayed for you and David. I wish I could do more for you even tho I do believe in the power of prayer.
Do your best to get some rest and know how much we all care.

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so many things happening. I've got this gut feeling that the Hemo Dr. wants to get David's blood lined out a little before subjecting him to radiation (or anything else)...David doesn't need the extra pain or aggrevation.

What does David say about treatment...does he want to do the chemo?

You are depleted emotionally and physically...I don't know anybody who has gone thru as much as you two have...and imagine you are running on nothing but adreneline. I hope you've taken some leave from work, and aren't trying to "do it all" right now...that's too much...first things first (remember? :))....

You both are still deeply tucked into my pocket...I think and pray for you all thru the day...

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Like everyone else, I'm praying for David and you. Wish I could give both of you a big hug. Rick.

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I read all your posts lately but just didn't answer yet, so I just wanted to write you here that you and David are on my daily prayers!! I pray that David can finally feel reliefed by this pain and torture and that you (and his mother) can feel reliefed to.. You sooo need a break from all of this... I see that things are just too much for all of you. Just listen to doctors and also ask David how he feels about all this. Does he have strength and will to do it. In the end, all that really matters is some sort of life without strong pain and torture. I know that probably all that you want right now is some peace in your heart, some relief, some kind of outcome no matter what that might be. So what I pray for is peace for you and the family, peace for David, relief from pain and suffering... Just peace.

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Pam M
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Just enough strength to get you over the hump, to be able to do well in treatment.

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I don't have much to add to all of the other posts except to say that you and David and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. May God watch over you all.


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Wish I could help in some small way. You both are going thru such physical and emotional trauma...it's gotta get better soon. I am thinking of you as you go through this. Praying also. Keep us updated.

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Ohio, woke to a thick frost, silence all around...peace be with you and David.

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Your and David's journey weigh heavy on my mind. I wish I had some words of advice...but all I can do is pray. And I do daily for you both. Please feel our strenghth...and our hugs. Let David know we are ALL pulling for him. Send his Mother our love too ! Katie

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A few prayers to lift you for the remainder of the day...

Thoughts & Prayers,

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Even through our times we're having here are a little tough....I know it's nothing compared to the agony you are going through with this. You and David are in our prayers. You have to remember they are doing what they know best for David. Keep your faith, my friend.


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I am praying for you not matter what time of the day. Please try and get some rest. I can not imagine how you have keep going so far.

Love and hugs,


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Hey Vivian, I send you and David positive energy and thoughts to help in getting through this extremely challenging phase of the gauntlet. I can't begin to imagine how difficult, to say the least, it must be for everyone, especially David. Always remember, he and you can do this, but sometimes you have to do it one nano second at a time. Remember to get your rest.


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My heart is aching for you. I pray that you will have the strength to get through this latest setback.

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Just wanted you to know I just included you both in my prayers again just now. I hope today is going smoother with more clarity.
Hugs to you.

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Hope today is a better day. Lots of people pulling for you here!

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