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Hi everyone. I have yet another question. I had a right neck dissection back in May and was just wondering if pain in the neck and shoulder area was common. More of my shoulder than my neck. Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain besides pills or do I just need to suck it up and hope it goes away?

P.S. I love this room and everyone here.:)

Everyone has been so great answering my questions.

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twice a week, any simple gentle practice, doesn't have to be long. If you have comcast check out the beginner routines on (menu options) sports and fitness---pilates yoga---beginner. it really will do the trick for you.

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Hello !
I meant to post to this one...but have been a little scattered brained lately. I agree with gentle excersise (yoga is good). But saying this I always tell people to mention this to their doctors. (please) I think it's pretty normal...things get banged up through surgery and sometimes the effects take awhile to rear up. I use a small dose of flexeril at night time if mine is real bad. But I also have pretty bad OA. good luck, and let us know what works for you ! Katie

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I have bad pain in my right shoulder but Dr says it is from nerve damage during radiation.

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to begin with i am not a fond believer in med's unless the problem is totally unbearable

i had a neck disection back in 96, for years i had pain but must say each year the pain became less and less. at some point i asked the doctor why the problem. he shared it could be nerve damage, but don't rule out that it takes approx. 7 years for all the scar tissue to fully develop. that being said about 2006 i noticed it was just a couple times per year i would have problem. so very slowly the pain has almost gone away.

i would check with doc's, they may be able to do something. then again, there maybe nothing they can do and you will need to accept it as something that is part of your new normal.

hope it get's better fast


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I did not have surgery....



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