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Thyroid Cell Growth

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Hi I was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Carcinoma in September of 2011. I had a lump to come up on my neck and after all testing it came back as possible cancer. So they removed part of my thyroid and sent it off for biopsy. I was give my results on Sept 7. I then had a TT to remove the rest of my thyroid. I had RIA in Dec of 2011 29mci. I have been to all my dr appointments and done all blood work. They all came back in the "ok" range. So I have not really worried about it, but, I went for my one year ultra sound and they found probable thyroid cell regrowth. I am going to have a CT done tomorrow to confirm and the dr said that if it came back positive that I would need to do the RAI again.

I guess my question is.... Is it normal for the tissue to grow back and should I have a higher dose of RI?

I am still in shock for the results.. I was not expecting it...

Thanks in advance for any answers...


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