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Nellie and NED NED NED!!!

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I be Nellie and my best friend is NED!! The Onc's office just called and there is no evidence of reoccurance or disease....I am so relieved (I had actually started to manufacture small pains and aches in my neck and head with the stress of waiting and wondering)....I have an evil side that likes to torture myself, it seems.

Thank you EVERYBODY for your positive thoughts and your prayers...You guys are SO important to me...


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I am so happy for you!!! Way to go!!


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Ingrid K
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best news I've heard all day.
Way to go, Phrannie

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Great to hear your good news! A road (or possibly a bus) you travelled very well!

I'll say a prayer of thanks!

Congrats, Kari

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I am so happy. The world needs more NED's. Rick.

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So very happy for you Phrannie!



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Hi Phrannie,

You’ve actually got NED in the head, how nice. What do you do in Montana to celebrate (a night on the town)?



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Joined: Mar 2012

considering my history, and the fact that this is my Friday night after 6 graveyard shifts...my celebration is probably going to bed early and finally getting a good night's sleep. If I get a second wind, I might go to an AA meeting...I'll bring up the subject...GRATITUDE :).


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That is wonderful news Phrannie, I couldn't be happier for you. You were such an inspiration to me thru my journey and I have been praying for you to get a NED. You were always so positive and gave such good advice, I appreciate you so much. Congrats again!

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Nellie alias Phrannie,
Way to knock 'em over ! I'm so excited for you ! NED seems so far away at times...and bam you reach it ! Celebrate for sure ! Katie

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Ya done good lady. One of the best attitudes I've seen here. Now stay around to help others o'k.


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and cant get up, gee you did not tell me I could fall dancing in the kitchen. Guess you must be a professsional kitchen dancer. Either way Diane and I are so happy for you and your family which were right there with you. Such sweet words and you deserved to hear them. God Bless and NED for ever.

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So Happy for you Phrannie. I bet you're just giddy inside. I'm hoping to have the same news soon. Go for my PET Scan next Monday.

I just love reading your posts. You have answered so many questions that I have had.

Thank you soooo much. You're such a wonderful person.

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Great news P51!!!'

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Time to enjoy a little less stress.

I'm happy for you.


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I am so thrilled for you! I just rang my bell again for you. You see my husband bought a bell just like the one on the wall at rad oncs office. He made a plaque to go with it and on the plaque it says "Billies Bell" with a little blurb about how the bell should be rung to signify all special occasions. Seeing how this is a special occasion....I had to ring it! Funny thing is, it's so dang loud that I scared my son when I rang it haha.
Enjoy your NED and feel good.

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Dale and I send greetings from Oklahoma! YeeeeeHawwwwwww!!

You have been such an inspiration to so many. When Dale was at his lowest and would balk at some of the things I would suggest he do like drink more water, try room temp milk, he'd say "Why?" and I'd say "Because Phrannie said." and he would always try, if Phrannie said it.


Deb and Dale

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Congrats, why, it was just yesterday when you came here and started and look at you now. awesome job.

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Great news to hear late in the day...

I hear you on the things that seem to bug you just around scan time.

Rest easy for a few months, if you're lucky the scanxiety will get a little easier. But then again, I can't really say that from my experience, LOL...


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Joined: Apr 2012

That's great news! And I'm glad you didn't have to wait long to hear it! :-)

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Joined: Sep 2012

So, so happy for you. Enjoy the good news and thank you for all you do for us on this site. You are funny , encouraging , inspirational and you contribute to my and my husbands well being and I thank you. Enjoy your good news and relax and get a good night (or days) sleep.


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I am so happy for your Phrannie. You were my first responder when we got on the cancer bus and look at you girl. Rocking the NED!

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Joined: May 2012

Yay NED! Congratulations Phrannie, I am very happy for you!

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Oh, Phrannie it just took my breath away when I read it :). Not that I didn't believe it that you would be NED, but to actually read those letters N E D!!!! Congratulations, dear girl, I'm sooooooooooo happy for you I cannot even express it!!! Wohoooooo!!!!! The best way to start holiday season!!! You go girl!!! Wohooooooo...........

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Pam M
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Man - makes me feel joy EVERY TIME!

Lots of us develop scan time symptoms - ugh.

This is great - what a weight off, huh?

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around the kitchen, sing at the top of your lungs,Phrannie is NED, now she can rest easily. yada,yada,yada~~~watch a Seinfeld, it's good for your soul!!

lts's picture
Posts: 75
Joined: Nov 2012

Hear that. So encouraging. Great.

cureitall66's picture
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Glad to hear this news for your Phrannie!

Tell NED we said hi...we are looking forward to meeting him ourselves!! Give him a big hug for us.....and hang on tight to him. : )

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Joined: Aug 2006

Super congratulations Nellie, on the arrival of your great best friend NED news! I hope that you have a tremendous celebration about NED's arrival!


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Joined: May 2012

I haven't been on in a while and this is an AWESOME thing to see!!! Congrats!

tuffenuff's picture
Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

I haven't been on in a while and this is an AWESOME thing to see!!! Congrats!

tuffenuff's picture
Posts: 277
Joined: May 2012

I haven't been on in a while and this is an AWESOME thing to see!!! Congrats!

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Great news just in time for the week-end, I am very happy for you.

God Bless

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D Lewis
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Glad news! So happy to hear this!


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