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Well I guess I bitched enough about the last PEG I got (they went from a 24french to a 20 french and that was not good for blended food)last month I believe that someone nust have heard me. At 2:00 this am I got up to relieve my bladder and my peg just fell out. I went back to sleep and actually enjoyed the sensation of the Peg being out of my body. The saline bladder was still full so I don't know why it popped out.. I'm down visiting my mom so this morning around 7:00 am I went to Gainesvill Fl (wearing my FSU hat) and they put in a 22 french flexible tube....just like what I wanted. This was the first time they had to dialate the opening to get the tube in and that was uncomfortable but well worth it.

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz...


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Hi Denny,

I went through two PEG’s. The first one was never quite right and the last time I used it I was sobbing it hurt so incredibly bad. Here I was, 3rd week of treatments, swollen and inflamed throat and a PEG which was kaput. The second one worked flawlessly. I never had a PEG fall out, that’s a first. Probably made for some good REM sleep. I bet they had to dilate the opening, I read through the second time procedure and they talked about rapidly inserting the new tube before the hole closes off. Well, it sounds like you are back in action. Who said this wasn’t fun.



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There were so many times in the last month I wished mine would just fall out...I don't see how they DO fall out either. Just hearing the sound of it when he pulled it out let me know mine was in there for life unless somebody yanked it.

So Congrats on your new tube....sometimes we just have to do stuff ourselves to get it done.


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I strongly suggest that if your peg falls out, immediately put it back in and tape it in until you can get to the hospital for replacement. The dilation is no picnic done without anesthesia. Happened to me on consecutive days. The first time it happened, the doctor had to dilate and force the tube back in because the hole had been closing back up for a few hours. In the process, he nicked the balloon. The next morning, the balloon had deflated and the tube came out again. I put it right back in, taped it to my body and hightailed it to the hospital. It was a snap replacing it that way with no pain whatsoever since the stoma was held open by the defective tube.

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I would have but the fact is I had a 20 french and needed at least a 22 so dialiation was in the future anyway. It wasn't that bad and the results were very well worth it.

Take care


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Glad they got you hooked back up and ready to go Denny.

Weather has been pretty nice this week, and through the next few days for sure.

Best to you and the Mrs...

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You amaze me because you remind me of a Timex, it can take a licking and keep on ticking. I am glad I know about the 22 french or bigger needed for blended food. I have a Mic-key feeding tube with a 20fr that I keep with me as a spare just in case I am outside of the US and need a fast tube installation. I was looking at the tube size and thinking it was a little small; so I will be ordering one with a bigger french next time.

Take care my friend

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